A Better-Tasting Green Drink

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Thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback regarding my last post! It seems that many of you are interested in meal plans and information about healing diets so I plan to focus on this direction in the near future.

Today I have a really simple recipe for you. I’m sure that many of my readers have experimented with different green powders. They are a convenient way to get your optimal intake of greens and can give you access to different greens that may not be available in your locality.

Personally I have used Vitamineral Green for over a year and find it to be a valuable addition to my raw food diet.

The problem is that most often these green supplements don’t really taste so great on their own.

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So what is the solution to improving the flavor of your green drinks?

For quite a while I would simply mix my greens into plain water with a little stevia and a drop of food-grade peppermint oil. This worked well to cover the strong “green” taste and make the flavor more pleasant. But after some time I started to feel that the peppermint was a little too harsh.

So since we’re lucky to be provided with some young coconuts in our fruit delivery, I decided to use the coconut water as a base for a better-tasting green drink. On its own mixed with Vitamineral Green, it was ok but not quite as sweet as I would like so I added a few other ingredients to create something much more palatable.

I started with a dash of stevia, then some Medicine Flower vanilla flavor, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. It was still definitely very green but the result was much better.

A Better-Tasting Green Drink

Serves 2

Water from one young coconut

2-4 tablespoons Vitamineral Green

2 drops Medicine Flower vanilla flavor

A squeeze of lime juice

Stevia or agave to taste (optional)

Place everything in a bottle or jar and shake up until everything is well combined (a used Vitamineral Green bottle is perfect). Alternatively, put everything in the blender on low speed until just mixed through.

Use the lesser amount of greens for a milder flavor.

Enjoy immediately or store in the fridge for later. It will keep for a day or two.

Combining the greens with coconut water not only improves the flavor but provides you with a good dose of electrolytes and simple sugars, which can boost your energy levels.

Be sure to save the coconut meat to add to your smoothies and desserts. (I’ll be back real soon with a recipe for an interesting raw pudding using young coconut flesh).

Have you got any tips for making your green supplements taste better?

How do you enjoy your daily greens?

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  1. Stevia is a fantastic sugar subsitute. It does not trigger tooth decay and best of all, it will not cause obesity and diabetic issues.

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