Can You Guess Her Age? – Raw Vegan Diet Is Woman’s Fountain of Youth

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A Florida woman says she has found the ‘fountain of youth”

Annette Larkins shows off her garden in her Miami-Dade County backyard. It’s full of fruits and vegetables. Every corner of her garden has something that is edible. She also collects rainwater to drink and water her plants.

Annette says the food in her garden is her ‘Fountain of Youth.’

“I am very vibrant, I have lots of energy, as I told you before, I am up no later than 5.30 in the morning as a rule, and I am ready to go,” she said.

Annette says she does not eat animal products– her food is unprocessed and uncooked. “My diet consists of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. I do a lot of sprouting of seeds and as you can see from my garden and of course these are the raw foods that I eat.”

Annette also juices fruits and veggies. You name it, she can juice it. Grapefruits, pineapples, even spinach. But not everyone in the Larkins family eats and drinks this way.

Amos says people even wonder if Annette is his wife. “They will ask me ‘what am I doing with a young girl? or they will say ‘you’ve got your granddaughter with you,’ things like that.”

Her husband says she is a vibrant person. “She is an amazing person, she does everything. I mean she builds computers, makes all of her own clothes, grows her own food, speaks three languages, it’s amazing.”


  1. Hi,enjoyed reading this.

    How long have you been a raw vegan?
    I’m wondering about v.B12…I’ve been told it’s very important to get enough,so I’m eating some eggs,from my hens-they spend all day outside-and ocasionally some chicken,also from our flock…
    But I’d like to try to eat only fruit & vegetable…I love salad!!!
    I suppose it does make a big difference if it’s all from the garden…I’m getting there!

    1. Hi Leila,
      There was a video at the bottom of the post that mentioned it but it wasn’t showing when you posted your comment. At the time of making the video she was 71 but now she is 76.

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