Change Your Life with a Raw Food Detox Diet

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Earlier this year I made a decision to undertake a detox program, based on the realization that I need to do something dramatic in order to make some real and sustainable progress with my health.About ten years ago I developed chronic fatigue syndrome and in the last couple of years have been experiencing heart palpitations and arrhythmia on a frequent basis. I started eating raw about a year and half ago and I am certain that it is the best thing I have ever done for my health. However I became aware that there were still elements surrounding some of my habits that were interfering with my ability to move forward with my health and in my life.

Even though I was eating a high raw diet I was relying on sweet foods to give me an energy boost. I was eating at least one or two purely fruit meals daily as well as raw sweet treats from the local health store on regular occasions. Additionally, even though I had related caffeine to an increase in my heart symptoms I sometimes depended on to be able to function normally, so I resisted letting it go completely.

I came to the realization that I needed to make a dramatic and permanent shift in the way I was approaching my diet. My state of health was in limbo. I had blocked sinuses, a sore throat, and brain fog so extreme that I had trouble just focusing on the computer screen. Frequently I was waking in the middle of the night with panic, shortness of breath and rapid heart beat.

Additionally I knew I had a lot of traveling coming up at the end of the detox including two very long flights within a one-month period and quite frankly I was worried and fearful about the impact this would have on my health.

I decided that this year was going to be different. I recognized that I needed to REALLY COMMIT to my health; otherwise I would get to the end of another year and find myself in the same position once again. The experiences I have had when my heart problems first appeared were such a strong reminder of how precious life is and how none of us know just how much time we have. I was determined to make a genuine shift so that I could enjoy life to the fullest.

At first I hesitated signing up for the six-week detox, because I am trained in nutrition and functional medicine and figured I should be able to create my own detox , but it didn’t take me long to recognize that my inability to concentrate and low energy levels were a real barrier to success with this task. So I adjusted my mindset of self-reliance, and signed up for the program.

As soon as I looked over the materials I knew I had made the right decision.

Within the first week or two of the detox I realized that I was actually making some really positive lifestyle changes that would stay with for a long time. Even though I have been drinking green smoothies for quite a while I started consuming more greens than ever before in my life.

I learned to make coconut kefir and was drinking a glass every day. I discovered how much I love chia seeds and gained a real appreciation for their health qualities. I let go of my addiction to caffeine and sweets and for the entire detox have only eaten fruit in green smoothies.

My health is gradually improving and after months of being unable to focus I am finally back to writing my book and making some genuine progress in this task. I feel like my life is moving forward again and I am optimistic about the future.

I have no doubt that most of these changes would not have occurred if I had tried to go it alone. I relate this to having a set of clear guidelines to follow (it would have been too easy to make allowances on own plan) as well as the weekly support calls, which were invaluable for keeping focused.

Because the detox was part of a larger commitment I made to truly commit to my health this year, I am aware of the need to remain vigilant once it draws to a close. This is probably going to be quite challenging with traveling and adjusting to being in two new countries over the next two months.

I believe that I can create more happiness, energy and enjoyment out of life but I also recognize that it is not going to happen unless I put in the work. At times it can be frustrating to have to go the extra mile to get the same results as others. However, I also see my circumstances as a gift because they have allowed me to explore aspects of healing and to get to know myself on a level that would not have been possible otherwise.

So as it is getting closer to moving forward in this journey I am making a promise to myself to make decisions about diet and lifestyle based on what is best for my health. For me this means staying away from caffeine, balancing my intake of fruit, limiting sweets and keeping up a high intake of greens. I am sure there will be times when I break out a little to explore the cuisine of a new culture or enjoy a romantic dinner with my husband, but that doesn’t mean I have to forgo my resolve; it just means I need to be intelligent with my decisions.

So how about you?

What commitments can you make to yourself to better your health, boost your energy and most importantly increase the happiness and fulfillment in your life?

Because that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it?

When our bodies are healthy and our energy is balanced, this is when we can really enjoy life. Nothing is more important than this.

If you find yourself stuck or tempted to fall into negative habits it can help to remind yourself of your true goals in life. Ask yourself the question in every decision-making moment if this choice is going to get you closer to or further away from your goal.

By maintaining our awareness from moment to moment we have the greatest potential of moving forward in our lives to discover new possibilities. And while it’s not just about the food, our diets have a huge impact on our ability to function with poise and balance in all the other areas of our lives.

So pay attention. Remain focused. Above all remember that you are beautiful and you deserve to be happy.

So make it happen!


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