Chinese Herbs and Goji Berries

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While in Thailand we took the opportunity to visit a Chinese herbalist. This is something that I recommend everybody do every few months or so as a general health-protective action, even if you are feeling healthy. Regardless of whether you are eating a raw food diet, the body can become unbalanced due to many factors and Chinese herbs can help to correct this.

We found a Chinese herbal store, which had a Chinese doctor who was a lovely man of 73 years of age. I have seen a few herbalists in my lifetime and instantly I felt safe with him and sensed that he was very proficient. He took my pulse and looked at my tongue and because he didn’t speak a word of English the staff translated his diagnosis.

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Even though I did not tell him any of my medical history his diagnosis and the herbs he prescribed suited my symptoms very well. My history of digestive disorders and palpitations directly related to his diagnosis of heart and spleen energy deficiency.

Whenever I see a Chinese herbalist I do my best to adjust my diet in accordance with their diagnosis. To enhance circulation and digestion herbs and spices can be really beneficial. I have recently been writing about how to improve digestion on a raw food diet for my forthcoming book so I can put some more of this information into practice.

One of my favorite digestive herbs is ginger and this herb is also a wonderful circulatory stimulant. Most of the herbs used in Thai food can also stimulate digestion and circulation such as mint, basil, and chili. So now I have another reason to get creative in the kitchen.

I also found some Goji berries in Chinatown and bought two pounds to take home with us. Here I have to pay $5 for a tiny pack so I just do without them but in Bangkok, they were about $3 a pound. So now I need to get inventive and find some new ways to eat these lovely little superfoods.

Of course, they are great in smoothies but would love some more ideas. How do you like to eat your Goji berries?


  1. Goji berries are my favorite yin jing and blood tonic herb/ superfood!

    I made a creation I like to call superfood delight A taste of heaven on earth.

  2. With 1 handful of Goji berries, two scoops of the hand of hempseeds, 2 tbs of bee pollen, 1tbs of maca root powder with some raw honey and coconut oil.

    Also another Goji creation : Goji berry chocolate power-balls
    First de-shell 6 or 7 Raw Cacao Beans (or 8-9 for Raw-Chocoholics -*Note Cacao is a gentle and mild laxative so dont go over board.).
    Next put them in a blender along with 2 handfulls of Goji berries and two big pinches of maca root powder. Add Some Organic *Ceylon Cinnamon and a few splashes of coconut water, tea or water. This is to moisten the mix to the perfect molding consistency.

    Now Blend lightly (still a little crunch.)

    You can also add: Hempseeds, Beepollen, Chlorella, Spirulina, Moringa, Baobab, Coconut products, Raw Honey, Mapple Syrup, Essential Oils of Orange, Vanilla, Ect.
    What ever suits your fancy – have fun!

    Now lay out some wax paper and throw on it some Maca root powder. Mold the Blended ingredients (Goji berries, Cacao and Maca root. – Hempseeds -ect.) Together, into small uniform balls.(About the size of a chocolate truffle or smaller like a marble.)

    Roll the ball into the Maca Root Powder and or bee pollen and Voila!

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