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After a very long flight my husband and I have settled into, what will be our home, for the next three months in the Philippines. We’re really happy to be here and to be back in Asia, a part of the world we both have an affinity for.

If you’ve never been to Asia it is hard to describe the experience or to adequately capture what makes it so appealing. The combination of the tropical climate with the smell of charcoaled street food, the down to earth atmosphere and a bustling, yet gentler, pace of life all combine to create something unique. Even the exhaust fumes don’t seem so offensive when included in the mix!

And of course, there is the wonderful fruit, which we intend to take the utmost advantage of! Pictured here is some delicious yellow watermelon, a variety that I’ve never tried before.

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It is really delicious, sweet, and subtle and the flavor is kind of more mellow than a regular watermelon. A nice discovery!

We also found some really good mangoes and my favorite – durian! I have a feeling I’m going to be indulging in lots of these during the next three months. They are definitely something I have missed living in Costa Rica.

Also available locally are regular watermelon, papayas, pineapple, and pomelo. The small green fruit that looks like limes is calamansi. This is a variety of citrus that is kind of like a combination of tangerine, lemon, and lime. The locals make a drink with it, similar to lemonade, by adding sugar. We’ll be enjoying it in water with stevia or added to salads for a citrus tang.

So you probably won’t be seeing too many complicated recipes on the blog in the next few months. I’m going to be keeping it really simple with lots of fruits and simple salads, but I do have a few recipes from Costa Rica that I have yet to share with you.

Here is the view from our apartment. In the late morning the water is full of kiteboarders, since this is one of the premier destinations for kiteboarding in the world. It is really relaxing just to watch them and enjoy the ocean breezes that are constant here.

The sky is a little gray today but when it is clearer the ocean becomes a beautiful turquoise color. I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy this part of the world and look forward to sharing more of my experiences here in the Philippines with you!

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