Herbal Treatments For Hepatitis C: A Guide For Health Care Practitioners

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This book was written primarily for health care professionals to expand their understanding of the different herbal treatments that are available to improve the well being of their patients with hepatitis C.

Included is an outline of the pathophysiology of hepatitis C and the goals of treatment. Following this is a detailed exploration of a variety of herbs that have been demonstrated to have a therapeutically beneficial effect for the treatment of hepatitis C.

For each herb there is an explanation of their active ingredients, mechanisms of action and recommended dosage. The information is thoroughly researched, supported by scientific studies and clearly referenced.

Examples of herbal formulas for the treatment of hepatitis C are also included, with recommendations on how to adapt the formulas to suit the specific needs of individual patients. Also provided is information of prepared herbal formulas that are available to the general public in tablet or capsule form for enhanced compliance.

Herbal Treatments For Hepatitis C: A Guide For Health Care Practitioners eBook $9.95  

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