How to Make the Best Green Smoothies With Chia Seeds

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What does a green smoothie include? A smoothie that is green just includes any green vegetable along with fruit, milk, juice, and whatever else you enjoy putting in your smoothies. They taste delicious and are also excellent for your health and vitality. When you add chia to your green smoothie, you end up with a vitamin-packed yummy drink that gives you all the minerals and nutrients your body needs.

Below you will learn all the important basics about creating a healthy smoothie, green, with chia seeds.

What percentage of my green smoothie should be vegetable?

Usually, a ratio of 40% vegetable works well in your smoothie. You may need to lessen this amount at first if you’ve never had a smoothie with veggie added and are not used to the taste. You can add more percentage of vegetables to your smoothies over time as you start to appreciate the unique flavor.

What are chia seeds?

Chia was grown by the ancient Mayans and are now being raved about by health foodies everywhere. The seeds are extremely high in nutritional benefits. Today, you can buy chia online conveniently and thus experience the many health benefits of chia.

5 Top Chia Seeds Health Benefits:

  1. Can be used safely for natural weight loss
  2. Naturally gluten-free so will not trigger gluten allergies
  3. Highest non-animal source of omega-3
  4. Rich in protein
  5. Include dozens of essential vitamins

Additionally, chia does not have a strong flavor. In fact, you can barely taste the seeds when added to other ingredients. When you mix them into your smoothies you will find that the taste is actually not affected in the least. This makes chia an excellent health food booster to add to any green smoothie.

3 Health Benefits of Drinking a Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds

  1. Stabilize the body’s blood sugar
  2. Experience a natural boost in energy
  3. Reduce your food cravings

Try adding chia to your green smoothie every day for the next few weeks. Make a note of what transformations you experience in your well-being and health. You will be amazed!

How to Make A Tasty Green Smoothie Using Chia Seeds

Blend 2-3 fruits with 2 cups of green vegetables. Add 2 tablespoons of raw organic chia seeds. Blend together and serve immediately. You will love tasting the health benefits of green smoothies with chia seeds!


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