Kroma Wellness: The 5-Day Reset that Inspires Joy in the Body, Mind & Palate

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Kroma Wellness makes it simple to integrate functional superfood nutrition into everyday life. ​​​​​​​​They designed their 5-Day Reset to keep you energized and satiated as you implement a healthy lifestyle.

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What Is Kroma Wellness?

Kroma believes in the power of food as medicine. Their offerings highlight superfoods and adaptogenic herbs because they are the most potent preventatives for enhancing our overall health and well-being. They’re extremely selective in sourcing and choose the highest quality, organic, nutrient-dense, and ethical ingredients from across the globe. Then they utilize these elements to create functional foods and beverages that you can incorporate into your daily wellness routine to nourish and transform health.

The Kroma Wellness Food Philosophy

Kroma’s core belief is that healthy can and should taste amazing. You should never feel deprived on this program. They collaborated with top nutritionists, herbalists, chefs, and wellness gurus to create products that balance your body chemistry and empower you to experience your true potential.

All of our food and beverage products are culinary-inspired, masterfully marrying function and flavor. We’ve spent over three years and thousands of hours obsessing on carefully balancing flavors to spark joy in our minds, bodies, and palates.

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Who Created Kroma Wellness?

Lisa Odenweller started Kroma after working in the wellness industry for two decades. She is best known as the founder of Beaming Organic Superfood Cafes. Her mission to empower people to transform their health led to her developing this revolutionary new approach to the detox process.

What’s Unique About Kroma?

I’ve done many intensive cleansing programs in the past, including fruitarian diets and multiple long juice fasts. While they have their place, such restrictive approaches often cause significant stress on the body and psyche. ​​​​​​​​

The longer I’m on the path of healing Lyme coinfections, the more I realize the importance of supporting adrenal gland function. If your stress hormone response is imbalanced, the body will not have the capacity to mount an optimal immune response or mobilize and release toxins. As those living with chronic illness understand, it takes a holistic approach to make any real progress with these complicated conditions.​​​​​​​​

Periodically undertaking a gentle reset can significantly reduce inflammation and enhance the health of the entire body. Nourishing ourselves with sustenance that is easy to digest and supporting our resilience with superfoods enhances natural healing processes. For me, the outcome of undertaking these protocols is a reduction of pain levels, a greater sense of resilience and emotional balance, less reactivity to food, and more comfortable digestion overall.

What Is The Kroma 5-Day Reset?

Kroma created their reset programs for anyone looking to transform and heal with functional nutrition products that are super convenient and enjoyable.

I most appreciate this program because it’s so easy to customize. Everything you need is included (for each day, there are ten functional food and beverage portions). The packages are shelf-stable and ready instantly, which would make this an excellent option for travel.​​​​​​​​ All you need to do is open, pour and blend with water or non-dairy milk, and it’s ready.

However, you also have the option to adjust the intensity by including fresh or frozen fruit, veggies, and additional protein in accordance with your health goals. Everything is delicious, and the menu consists of lattes, smoothies, porridge, elixirs, broths, and cookie butter for a treat.​​​​​​​​ Even without adding anything extra, it all tasted great. The flavors were balanced, and there was enough variety to keep things interesting.


Customization: Making It Your Own

There are three levels for adapting the Reset to suit your needs.

1) Lean: This option is for those looking to lose weight more quickly, or for a deeper cleanse. Follow the program as outlined with limited amounts of non-dairy milk and a serving of sautéed veggies in your evening broth if desired.

2) Lifestyle: The most popular choice and what I would recommend if it’s your first time doing the Reset. The suggested additions include a handful of fresh berries with Super Porridge, 1/2 cup of frozen berries and optional greens in smoothies, and as much non-dairy milk as you prefer in your lattes. You can also add 3 oz of protein, a tablespoon of healthy fats like olive oil or ghee,  and a generous amount of non-starchy veggies to your broth.

3) Active: For those who are very physically active or have demanding lifestyles. You have a lot of flexibility with the additions you include and there is no limit on serving sizes. Add as much protein as you need to broths to feel satiated. Smoothies can include higher-sugar fruits like bananas. Healthy fat sources like avocado and nuts can be added to meet your energy needs.

Does the Kroma Wellness Reset Work?

When you do the 5-Day Reset, you fuel your body with the best superfoods on the planet. At the same time, you begin to integrate new healthy habits as you eliminate toxins without the discomfort that commonly occurs with traditional cleanse and detox diets.

The program avoids common inflammatory triggers, such as gluten and dairy. It also includes gut-healing broths and collagen-enhanced matcha, which can help restore optimal digestive function.

While everyone is different, most participants experience more energy, greater emotional balance, less adrenal fatigue, and a boost to the metabolism. Enhancing the gut microbiome should also lead to an improvement in overall digestion. Reduced inflammation may also help ease joint and muscle pain and relieve conditions like migraines, depression, and anxiety.


What’s On The Menu

There are ten servings of foods and beverages every day, and you also will have a jar of OMG Cookie Butter that you can enjoy whenever you desire. This is a nice little boost if you need extra energy or start to experience sweet cravings. The packets are color-coded for each day and include motivational messages and information about the health benefits of ingredients.


Begin with a Beauty Matcha Latte enhanced with superfoods like turmeric, ginger, goji berries, maca, and medicinal mushrooms. It also contains collagen, which supports skin elasticity reducing the appearance of aging, dryness, and wrinkles. An optional add-on bundle for vegans includes their plant-based Majik Matcha.

Then Cranberry Hydration Elixir makes it easy to get your daily water quota and is consumed post-workout or throughout the day.


You will enjoy a Super Porridge made from nuts, seeds, and superfoods, eaten warm or cold with the optional addition of fresh berries.

Mid-Morning Boost

Energize with a smoothie, which you can blend with your favorite non-dairy milk, frozen berries, and spinach if desired. The flavor changes each day.



Heal your gut while sipping on a nutrient-rich bone or veggie broth.


There is an adaptogenic Superlatte each afternoon, and this could be golden milk with turmeric and ginger or a spicy hot chocolate. Also, the Supergreens Elixir, which includes 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients to energize and alkalize.

Energy Snack

OMG Cookie Butter: 1-2 tablespoons daily as needed.


Every evening you will have an evening bone or veggie broth, which you can customize by adding fresh veggies, healthy fat, and protein as needed. Suggested options include tofu, organic chicken, wild-caught seafood, or quinoa.

After-Dinner Supplement

The Calming + Repair Magnesium helps ease you into a good night’s sleep, repairs your muscles, and enhances digestive function.


Can You Lose Weight on the Kroma Reset?

As you reduce the amount of inflammation in your body, this can result in an overall slimming effect, rebalancing the body’s fluids and eliminating bloating. The protocol is easy to adjust based on your health goals and activity level. Most people experience weight loss unless doing the Active protocol.

How much does Kroma Wellness Cost?

The Signature 5-Day Reset is $395 and includes a total of 50 food and beverage servings, labeled by day and in numerical order to keep you fueled and nourished throughout your Reset.

The Deluxe Reset includes the same 50 food and beverages, plus a collection of exclusive tools and essentials to enhance your Reset: a frother, brass spoon, “Elemental” tumbler, a hemp purse for taking your Reset on the go, three packs of Change Your Life Chai Latte, Perfect Fast Tea, and a jar of Coconut Creamer.

Going Deluxe is highly recommended if it’s your first Reset – especially if you don’t yet own a frother. This tool is indispensable for making creamy lattes.

The chai latte is fantastic to have on hand for an extra kick if you’re feeling the effects of cutting back on caffeine. And it’s nice to start the day with the Perfect Fast tea, which helps calm appetite, enhance digestion and improve mood.


What’s To Love About The Kroma Reset

  • It offers a gentle way to give your body a rest from dietary inflammatory triggers, which can reduce symptoms related to inflammation.
  • Kroma designed the program to support balanced blood sugar levels. So, this a more approachable way to release toxins than juice fasting and raw food cleanses.
  • The Kroma philosophy encourages us to focus on nourishment – not deprivation. This creates the space for us to tune into what we truly need. The program can provide the experience of letting go of toxins but without the physical and emotional stress that often occurs with stringent detox protocols.
  • The ability to customize the program gives so many options. You can do the program with minimal additions to kickstart weight loss and reduce inflammation. Or you can add extra fruits, veggies, avocado, wild-caught fish, and organic chicken to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • The packaging is gorgeous and adds to the experience. I felt like I was being taken on a journey throughout each day. I discovered at least a few products that I look forward to integrating into my life post-Reset.

How Often Can You Reset?

Kroma recommends doing the program at least seasonally, if not more often. I would consider doing it monthly, for a few consecutive times, during the colder weather when the broths are especially appealing. Some people may choose to do it for two or three weeks in a row.

Once you’ve completed the program, you can then continue to enjoy your favorite Kroma products as part of an ongoing healthy lifestyle.

If you’re interested in knowing more details of the 5-Day Reset be sure to check the Kroma story in my Instagram highlights.

Ready to Reset? Receive 10% off when you enter the code
LIVEREMEDY10 at checkout on Kroma Wellness

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  1. Hey there! Just read your post on the Kroma 5-Day Reset and I gotta say, I’m impressed. The superfood focus, adaptogens, and customizable options really caught my eye. Definitely seems like a great way to kickstart healthier habits. Thanks for sharing such a thorough review! 👍

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