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Greetings everyone. It’s been a long time since I said a personal hello to my readers and I hope that your year is off to a fantastic start.

Life has been interesting for me for the last few months as I have been in four different countries since November last year! Things have been fairly challenging on many levels since my husband and I have been living out of hotel rooms the entire time, so as you may imagine our approach to diet has been pretty flexible and we have had to adjust to the circumstances. However, I am grateful for the opportunity to visit new countries and to learn more about myself in the process.

At the moment we are in Belize and in the mornings are blessed with visits from a wide variety of beautiful birds, which come to feed on the papaya that we leave out for them. Some really lovely creatures called agouti’s, which are kind of like giant hamsters, are often in the garden and also like to eat papaya. It is a wonderful way to start the day and I really appreciate the beauty of nature, especially after our experience of the last six weeks in Flores, Guatemala, where we were confronted with loud music and firecrackers until all hours of the morning on a continual basis.

My husband’s second book, Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation

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, has just been released and we are very excited to finally see it in print. I also am working on the final draft of my forthcoming book and hope to have it completed within the next month or two. It has taken longer than I initially expected as other commitments and unanticipated events have impacted its progression but that’s life!

In the last few months, we haven’t been eating 100% raw, although we do our best to keep the intake of raw foods high. We are traveling with a variety of superfoods, which really help to keep us balanced, and I am very thankful that these are available to us. In situations where organic greens and other high-quality raw foods are not accessible, they really do provide the extra nutrition that is necessary for us for maintaining optimal health.

In a few weeks, we will be back in Costa Rica, where we have a more stable living situation, so we are both looking forward to getting back to some more structure with our diet and doing some cleansing and detoxification. Even though we have been eating what most would regard as a very healthy diet, we know that our health is so much better when our intake of raw foods is higher and when we have greater stability within all of our daily routines.

Once I finish writing my book I plan to create a raw food detox program that can be used by anyone to create more balance in their health and to aid in the complete recovery from chronic illnesses. These approaches have been extremely beneficial in my own life and in combination with a raw food diet have allowed me to heal from chronic fatigue syndrome after ten years of debilitating illness. So I am very enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge with others so that they can also gain freedom from similar conditions.

Later this year I also will be attending the Living Light Culinary Institute to become a certified raw food chef and I am really excited about this. One of the things I have come to realize in my journey with raw foods is that it is much easier to maintain a raw food diet as a lifestyle when you have meals that you enjoy and taste delicious as well as make you feel fantastic. I’ve always had a love of good food and an interest in health so this path seems like the perfect way to bring these two passions together.

So how about you? I would love to hear how you are going and of your plans for the coming year. I wish you find peace and happiness in all aspects of your life.

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