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After six months of living in Costa Rica, my husband and I have traveled to Jamaica for our very-much belated honeymoon. This is our first opportunity for many years to truly enjoy a vacation together and we both always wanted to visit Jamaica. So since we are closer than we have ever been to this part of the world we decided that this would be the time for us to see this beautiful country.

We were initially a little uncertain because we have heard reports of violence in some regions but our experience so far has been very positive. The Jamaicans are strong people with a lot of love and we feel like we are at home here in many ways. We both agree that out of all the countries we have visited so far that we like Jamaica the best.

When we travel we generally are more flexible with our diets and don’t necessarily try to eat 100% raw. On this trip it probably would have been quite difficult, although not impossible, to do so, but we also like to take it easy and keep things simple so we generally eat out more while we are traveling, and raw food is not always available.

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Of course, the fruits are always wonderful in the tropics and we start each day with a selection of tropical fruits, depending on whatever is ripe and fresh that day. We have been enjoying papaya, mango, jackfruit, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, and bananas. We brought a few superfoods with us, which is really helpful for traveling, as they boost our mineral intake and keep us balanced. We have bee pollen and cacao nibs which I’ve been adding to our breakfast.

Like many raw foodists, we also take our Vitamix with us wherever we go so we’ve also been making a few green smoothies with Vitamineral Green. Fresh raw greens have been difficult to find but sometimes I add cucumber or some lettuce in with the green powder.

We’ve been really surprised at the expense of the fresh produce here and have been paying about four times what we are accustomed to in Costa Rica. Perhaps it is because here we are paying tourist prices and in Costa Rica, we buy directly from the farmers at local prices. But certainly, with these costs it would be very difficult to sustain a high nutrient raw food lifestyle here. We’ve also been eating some really good cooked organic vegan food while we are here prepared by a local Rastafarian and I will write more about this in my next blog post.


The place we are staying in is a little cottage right by the ocean and it is wonderful to fall asleep to the sound of the waves every evening. Here is the view from our cottage that I can see right now as I am writing this. It is a pretty back-to-basics place but with a million-dollar view!

A couple of times I have even watched dolphins swimming by and jumping out of the water and the sunsets are some of the most incredible that I have ever seen.

When the days are really hot it is wonderful to get into the ocean and there is a ladder that goes down from the side of the cliff right into the sea. I always find it really grounding and balancing to get into the water and the salt-water especially can give the body extra minerals that we might be low in.

My husband and I are not your usual tourists and when we visit a place we usually like to stick with one location. So instead of doing tours and sightseeing we pretty much keep things simple. We still do our yoga and exercise in the morning and keep our diet as raw and healthy as possible (with a little bit more flexibility than usual). We’ve also been enjoying walking each day, getting to know some of the locals, and most of all just spending quality time together, something that we often miss when involved in our regular routines.

It has been made really apparent to us just how important it is to take some time out at least once a year to rest and recharge. Just as we need to eat well in order to stay healthy we also need to balance our lives so that we can rejuvenate and restore our energy.


  1. Hi Melinda.

    The place is called Banana Shout and it is in Negril. Unfortunately we had to cut our vacation there short as the hurricane affected weather conditions on the coast. The waves were actually coming up onto our roof!

    So my advice would be to avoid the hurricane season if you can 🙂

  2. When In Jamaica It is best to get a local person to shop for your fruits and veggies. I’m Jamaican and I often go to the market for my american friends and I pay 75% less than they could ever hope to pay. Just a friendly tip. One love!

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