Lujan Matus, Raw Foodism and Plant Energy

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By Lujan Matus

It is my pleasure to inform everybody that my second book, Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation

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, is now available in paperback format.

For those of you who are raw foodists, this edition deals with many aspects of human growth. Most importantly the gazing techniques make available to the eyes, the blue spectrum; the very same electromagnetism that is revealed in most raw foods.

I was ecstatic finding a book that actually showed the Kirlian photography of raw food and know in my heart of hearts that it is the most spiritual way of being. Our food is our medicine and our medicine obviously is our food.

Not only that, but it also propels our consciousness into higher and more subtle frequencies, so as to facilitate the simultaneous opening of the heart and third eye chakra, enabling the raw foodist to feel ecstatic and energized from communing with their food.

If you are interested in exploring the works of Lujan Matus, a practitioner of raw food living, visit his website Parallel Perception.

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