Lujan Matus: Raw Foodist and Modern-Day Shaman

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Today we have a guest post from my husband, Lujan Matus, with some of his perspectives on the way that food influences our perception and awareness.

How far we have come as a species is in question at this point in time. As a collective we have been numbed; diverted away from the fundamental essence of ourselves.

Firstly I will say we are highly creative beings. Unfortunately, this capacity has been corralled so that we believe that we need what we don’t. This article is a potential minefield. Where does one start?

How do we regain our personal sovereignty so as to reach our fullest potential? To become cognizant of the subtle frequencies that are our inherent birthright as sentient beings.

I guess we can start with one of my earliest recollections; a key visual vibrant memory of my programming as a young human being.

I remember riding my bike from one small town to another and stopping at a gas station to grab a bite to eat, then joyously riding off with a chocolate bar called a ‘Picnic”. I remember the advertisement very clearly. People happy, gathering together, celebrating their unity. Their cohesive harmony and smiles. A large cloth lay on the ground where everyone sat comfortably.

Then somebody smiling saying that they were satisfied nutritionally and that all the goodness you need can be provided to your body with this one nutritious chocolate bar with peanuts.

As I was riding my bike back to the nearby town I was naively imagining that I was being fulfilled; not knowing that I was programmed and also addicted to the sugars and opiate release that endeared this strange nutrition to my young vibrant body, which at that stage was too strong to notice that it was being infiltrated -not only by false advertizing – but by chemical toxins.

This is just one example. There are many.

Even now, being a raw foodist, I look back at only a few years ago being physically strong, ever-enduring as a nagual; a shaman practitioner with abundant energy, and releasing myself from the needs of cooked food that are an extremely heavy anchor connected to a program that implies nurturing.

At points of craving by merely desiring this food it was revealed that I had a false physiological program so intense that it demanded I eat to sustain the neural pathways that were hard-wired throughout my body.

What a dilemma we face as a species. To uncover the unseen truths that are not only visual vibrant composites of energy within our memories, but also to unlock these memories to discover that we have been coercively pushed away from our primal state and lulled into a sense of belief that we are really being nurtured; protected by our governments and multinational corporations.

It is time we all wake up. We are slaves to a false system. One that feeds upon illness, disharmony, and the reckless abandonment of truth, which equates to our condition at this very moment in time.

The way to find our truth, our health and happiness is to dive into and study all there is being made available to us by the raw food specialists out there. We can be vibrant, independent, and self-sustaining.

Food is our medicine and the temple that we walk within is our bastion; our future.

If you are interested in exploring the works of Lujan Matus,  visit this page: Parallel Perception.


  1. i am sick now and my family has been telling me that it is bc of my diet. they say i need meat and “real food.”

    “a shaman practitioner with abundant energy and releasing myself from the needs of cooked food that are an extremely heavy anchor connected to a program that implies nurturing.”

    if you light a match and place a piece of broccoli over the flame it will turn dark and will smell badly. if you apply heat to foods the foods will change from their natural state and will kill off good stuff in it. cooking foods has been part of our memories for a long time, in relation to our families and friends and shared meals that to change the paradigm and eat raw foods would seem like you’re throwing your family and friends out the window.

    lately, i’ve been having green smoothies for breakfast and lunch and i find that i’m calmer. i have found this state of serenity that i had not felt in a long time. i stopped eating arepas and coffee and most of the foods my family eats when we are together. i found that i have to enter a state of exuding kindness in saying, “no thanks” when i am offered food i no longer eat.

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