Mystery Health Issues? The Many Symptoms of Lyme Disease

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Lyme disease awareness has increased even more recently after Avril Lavigne has gone public about her own personal struggle with this condition. Just like most people, she had to fight to get her doctors to consider Lyme and it took her eight months to get properly diagnosed.

I recently wrote an article about some of the myths surrounding Chronic Lyme Disease. If you are suffering from chronic mystery health issues then Lyme is definitely something you want to consider.

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I recently came across these videos that explore the subject of Lyme Disease and outline what it can be like to suffer from this condition. Those of you with chronic health issues will probably relate to Xiren’s story. He has a lot of useful and unique information to share about Lyme’s disease that you may find helpful.

One of the biggest challenges with these chronic mystery illnesses is that sufferers are misunderstood. I’ve written about this in my personal story with chronic health challenges. Doctors often don’t take them seriously because the blood tests usually don’t show that anything is wrong. Yet these individuals are experiencing serious and troubling health issues, causing a great deal of distress.

A positive diagnosis does not necessarily mean you will get better overnight since this condition is notoriously difficult to treat. However, at least you will know what you are working with and can begin to head in the right direction. Like Xiren explains, antibiotics may help you feel better for a while, but usually are not a long-term cure once Lyme Disease has become chronic.

Generally what can be most helpful is a long-term commitment to a cleansing diet and herbal detox program like the Deep Tissue Cleanse. Herbal antimicrobials are going to be a key factor and when following such a program long-term you may need to rotate between different botanical medicines so that resistance does not occur. Ultimately this may be a long journey to reclaim your health but it is possible with persistence and determination.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I have passed it on to my neighbors who’s son just recently received a Lyme diagnosis. They are trying to go the traditional medicine route and I keep sending them stories such as these to help reinforce using LLMDs. My son has chronic lyme and has been battling for the past 5 years. We are finally with a doctor that has given us some hope. He is currently being detoxed from the heavy metals. Did you also get a mold toxicity diagnosis? My son’s Lyme doctor says the mold has to be treated first, then the heavy metals. How are you today? and where can we subscribe to your music if it helps you financially?

    1. Hi Valerie,
      I haven’t had access to a lot of tests because I travel so much, but I strongly suspect mold toxicity because my symptoms are always much worse in damp environments.
      I am doing pretty well – the herbal protocol has helped significantly – but because I was undiagnosed and essentially untreated for such a long time there is a lot of damage to be undone. I still struggle with insomnia and my energy and concentration is not what it used to be but everything is getting better slowly. I’m finding that I am now needing to focus a lot more on cleansing with diet and hopefully the combination of a stricter regime with the herbs will get me to the next level of healing. Lyme treatment takes a lot of patience!
      Thank you so much for your consideration. I am not a musician – I guess maybe you were responding to the video I posted above from another Lyme sufferer.

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