Photobiomodulation: Low Level Light Therapy to Heal The Body and Brain At a Cellular Level

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Watch as Dr. Lew Lim and leading scientists from Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine, share their insights about the positive effects of low-level light therapy(photobiomodulation) on the body and brain at the cellular level.

This is the groundbreaking webinar on photobiomodulation that aired during the World Summit of Integrative Medicine 2015.

Practitioners are experiencing promising results with the treatment of a variety of conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, autism, depression, chronic pain, Gulf War syndrome, chronic Lyme disease, insomnia, and more.

Learn about this exciting discovery that offers hope for many suffering from chronic brain disorders that are often unresponsive to traditional treatments.


  1. Hi Mizpah: Thank you for positing this video, it was very interesting and informative. It answers the question why our bodies grave light, especially when transitioning to the raw vegan diet. Our bodies are great tools for guidance when one learns to translate the messages into awareness.

    Love sent with this post.

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