Raw Food Cleanse

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There are many advocates of the raw food cleanse. If you are a little unsure, skeptical even, then take a look at these compelling reasons to try the raw food cleanse. The raw food cleanse essentially helps your body to detoxify by eating just raw plant food. The detoxification process helps your body to rid itself of toxins.

Your body is of course always cleansing itself, which is what your liver is designed to do, break down and neutralize harmful substances, before sending them back to the bloodstream for elimination. A raw food cleanse will help your liver to cleanse. The liver is subjected to a barrage of abuse, thanks to the poor quality processed food we put in our body. An overworked liver cannot cope with the level of toxins we throw at it and must release them to be stored elsewhere, leading our bodies to display the familiar symptoms of overuse and abuse.

If you feel sluggish, lack energy and enthusiasm, are overweight, never fell sated after a meal, or have a chronic illness then trying a raw food cleanse could be just the thing for you. With regular raw food cleanses you will find that you lose weight, have more energy, mental clarity, ease depression, get clearer skin, and have more regular bowel movements. Who wouldn’t want to feel better mentally and physically?

A raw food cleanse is not a permanent state, it is something you can do to help your body eliminate toxins at regular intervals. Some people do adopt a raw food diet permanently but you can experience the benefits by undertaking occasional cleansing for a period of seven to ten days. By only eating raw foods, you are completely cutting out your consumption of fat, refined sugar, and flour. As the name suggests your diet will consist only of raw fruit and vegetables. Some people like to dispense with solid food completely and juice or blend everything they consume, but this is not necessary if you still like to experience eating a solid meal.

During a raw food cleanse you may experience some symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, diarrhea, food cravings, lethargy, and irritability. It is best to attempt a raw food cleanse when you are in a good position to plan and prepare your own food. Eating out, business meals and family events are not a good time to embark on the raw food cleanse. Try to eat plenty of greens, at least a pound of green vegetables, as these will help increase your consumption of vitamins and minerals. You should also drink plenty of water, you can add lemon juice if you do not like plain water.

People who try a raw food cleanse, even though it may feel tough at the time, report feeling much better afterward with better energy, weight loss, and an improved sense of well-being. Why not try it out; soon you will be a raw food convert and cleansing a few times a year.

The Deep Tissue Cleanse combines the benefits of a raw food detox with a herbal cleanse program.

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