Raw Food Detox Cuisine @ Living Food Bistro & Cafe

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While in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we enjoyed quite a few meals at Living Food Bistro & Cafe. You can read more about this raw friendly restaurant in this blog post where I’ve shared many of their raw and vegan offerings.

Here are some of their other dishes we were able to sample during our visit to Malaysia.

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Raw Vegan Yin Yang Rolls

This was the raw vegan special of the month in January.

These rice paper wraps contained crunchy vegetables, sliced pineapple, and a ginger almond spread inside. They were served with an Asian soy dipping sauce. Because of the rice paper, they aren’t strictly raw but almost!


Sauteed Burdock Root Salad

This dish was one of the components of a special detox lunch menu. You can see the entire meal in the photo at the top of this post. Burdock was included for its beneficial effects on blood health.


Living Savoy Cabbage Wrap

Also from the detox lunch menu is this raw vegan entree. Inside the savoy cabbage leaf was a combination of vegetables, kelp noodles, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. The dish was topped with an Asian gravy.

This cabbage wrap was promoted to detox and help your skin glow! It was a tasty and hearty dish, which highlights the versatility of raw vegan cuisine.


Baked Pumpkin Ring

The detox lunch also contained this cooked vegan dish of baked pumpkin. Inside was a nourishing combination of gingko nuts, assorted mushrooms, and macadamia nuts.

The ingredients and textures of this dish reminded me of real Chinese food – not the kind you get from takeout restaurants – but more traditional Chinese cuisine. There is a strong Chinese influence in Malaysia so no doubt this has been incorporated into their chef’s techniques and choice of ingredients.


The Living Enchilada offers a refreshing take on a favorite raw gourmet dish. A corn-flax tortilla is filled with crispy raw veggies, guacamole, cashew sour cream, and served with a fresh side salad with a light and sweet dressing. This one is included in their regular daily menu.

I was impressed by the creativity of chefs with their raw tomato sauce. The addition of passion fruit really gave the sauce a zesty tang and it had just the right amount of heat to awaken the senses.

Raw food versions of enchiladas can sometimes be quite heavy in my experience. But Living Food’s version is a meal that captures the very essence of what raw food cuisine is all about. It satisfies our cravings for familiar foods yet offers a light and fresh version that leaves you feeling energized after the meal.


Raw Banana Fritters

A creative interpretation of an Asian street food dessert. These raw banana fritters contained a coating of shredded zucchini and almonds. Asian bananas have so much more flavor. This variety was very dense, sweet and vibrant yellow color.


Salty Caramel Gateau

This is the most popular dessert on the menu and I can understand why! The base is a moist, chewy combination of dates, apples, macadamia nuts, and coconut. This is topped with a delectable sweet and salty caramel with dehydrated apples.

Living Food Bistro & Cafe really enhanced our stay in Malaysia. Most of the time we eat very simple food at home and it can be difficult to find raw vegan options when traveling. So it was nice to be able to enjoy some more complex dishes that tasted delicious and would also support our health.

Have you ever been to Living Food Bistro or Kuala Lumpur?

What dish would you most like to try?

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