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Raw Food Detox Fundamentals

Learn about the healing potential of a raw food diet and discover how you can recover from any health challenge.


How to Detox: Guidelines for a Detox Diet Menu

Outlines a 4-step plan for cleansing your body with a raw food detox diet. Includes meal plans and food suggestions for a detox diet.

Deep Detox & Cleanse With Fruit

This video quickly and succinctly explains how to do a deep detox with fruit and why it works for improving chronic health conditions.


Watermelon Diet for a Healthy Detox

How to cleanse your body with the watermelon diet. This is a natural detox diet that you can follow for 1-7 days to lose weight, reset your appetite and cleanse your kidneys.

Raw Foods to Help You Get Rid of a Viral Infection

One of the best ways to prevent infections is to boost your overall immunity with good nutrition. But what should you eat when you are dealing with an acute or chronic virus?

Food Combining: Understanding How and Why it Works

In these videos Loren Lockman discusses what food combining is and how and why it functions, explaining why many people seem to be able to eat poor combinations without ill effects.

The 80 10 10 Diet

This is a high-fruit raw vegan diet composed of 80 percent carbohydrates, 10 percent protein and 10 percent fat.

Green Smoothie Diet

Learn about the health benefits of green smoothies, how to make green smoothies and discover some delicious green smoothie recipes.


Emotional Detox

When you start eating a raw food diet you are not only cleansing your physical body but also your emotions. Learn more about the process of emotional detox and why it is important to be aware of when healing chronic illness.

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