Raw Food Juices – The Amazing Benefits of the Humble Carrot For Your Health and Looks

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Are you feeling tired, jaded, run-down? Are you fed up with spotty looking skin, and brittle nails and hair?

Have you tried all sorts of pills and potions and crazy diets, but apart from a huge disappointment and a smaller bank balance, have received little change in health?

Not to worry. There is an answer, and it is likely in your very own kitchen. What is it? The humble carrot! No, I’m not kidding you. I don’t have shares in carrot wholesalers or a vegetable cannery either!

No, my reason for penning this short article is to motivate you to begin a raw juice diet. This will detox your system, and pep you up fast with little cost in time or money, and more importantly, no danger to your health.

So, how can drinking carrot juice help and why carrots anyway? The answer is simple; carrots are one of nature’s greatest cleanses and fortifiers. The main reason you’re suffering with your health is that your system is likely to be toxic, caused by too much cooked dead, processed food.

It should be noted also, that our modern-day environment, with its traffic fumes and chemical sprays, not to mention excessive stress, compounds the problem enormously.

All-in-all, modern life is intrinsically injurious to health! The humble carrot, when scrubbed topped- and- tailed, and put through your juice extractor, contains a concentrated cocktail of powerful ingredients that will flush-out your arteries gently, and thoroughly in no time flat.

Here are 7 reasons why you should drink at least a pint of carrot juice every day:

1) You will get all your major vitamins, such as A, B, C, D, E, and K. Also, these ingredients being organic, are far better than just supplements.

2) It promotes appetite and helps your digestive system.

3) Maintains the bone structure of your teeth. Just 1 pint of its juice, is said to be the equivalent of 25 pounds of calcium tablets.

4) Excellent for your respiratory tract, eyes, and throat, because it works with your adrenal glands. Your sinuses also will resist infections, and that means fewer winter colds and flu.

5) Vitalizes and protects the central nervous system.

6) Because of its ability to resolve toxins in the blood, it cleanses the liver.

7) Since it is rich in the organic elements of Potassium, Sodium, Iron, and Magnesium, plus traces of Silicone, your skin will be softened and your hair and nails will be benefited too.

My wife, who has been grey-haired for years, has actually found her hair is reverting back to its original dark brown! I should add that she’s in her 60’s too.

The benefit’s that the good, organic nutrition that raw carrot juice (and other fruits and vegetables) can deliver to your nutritionally “starving” body, is nothing short of miraculous, as long as you make it part of your everyday diet. The odd glass or two occasionally won’t cut it!

If you value your health and adopt this regime, I promise you’ll reap tremendous rewards. Let me close this article, by answering a question you may have; Why is it necessary to juice the carrots — why not just eat them grated?

The answer is simple; when we juice raw fruit and vegetables, we separate the juice from the fibers — (which is useless cellulose anyway ) and imbibe the mostly organic water, rich with nutrients, which is what our bodies need.

Also, the fact that we are not eating the large quantities of vegetables we would need for quick assimilation, means our digestion is not being overtaxed. On average, a pound of carrots would equal approximately 1 pint of juice.


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