Royal Jelly and Bacterial and Viral Infections

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Photo courtesy of Emrank
Photo courtesy of Emrank

Royal Jelly is the wonderful product of the humble bumble bee! It has many beneficial qualities. This article will cover the natural medicinal properties that assist in healing bacterial and viral infections.

Royal jelly offers several benefits for bacterial and viral infections. Unlike other medications that are on the market, royal jelly is a completely natural dietary supplement that can offer many health benefits. You will see that these non pharmaceutical remedies are more beneficial to you than simple medications as they will work with your immune system, strengthening it and allowing you to have more ability to fight off the effects of bacteria and viral infections.

Royal jelly offers several key benefits to your health. As you will see in the royal jelly composition breakdown that is listed below, there are many nutrients within it. These nutrients give your body the necessary fuel that it needs to power through the healing process. Of course, keeping your immune system up and running well also helps to minimize the effects that an illness, bacteria or other condition will have on you. In other words, because of the nutrients within royal jelly, you face fewer infections because of your strong immune system.

What’s In It?

Understanding what is in royal jelly will help you to see the health benefits it can provide to you. You could say that it is a natural dietary supplement as it is quite full of nutrients that your body needs. So, what is in this natural dietary supplement? It offers proteins that your body needs as well as many vitamins including vitamins A, C, D, and E and some of the B complex vitamins. In addition, you will find amino acids, zinc, iron, manganese, and calcium. For a bit of help in the anti aging department, you will find collagen, lecithin and folic acid. As you can see, there are plenty of nutrients in royal jelly.

Protect Your Immune System

Royal jelly can protect your immune system. Because it offers your body many of the nutrients that your immune system needs in order to fight off bacterial and viral infections, it actually strengthens your system. When a virus or a bacterial infection enters the body, your body can react in a much more beneficial way. It can effectively fight off the infection before it becomes a real life threatening or sickening condition. Overall, this allows for your immune system to continue strengthening. Just as giving your automobile the fuel that it needs to allow it to move through the streets, giving your body the necessary nutrients that are found in royal jelly allows it to do its job the best possible way.

There are many benefits to using non pharmaceutical remedies for improving your health as well as fighting off infection. If you are looking for a method of healing that will not give you with the side effects that many chemical based medicines that do, then the non pharmaceutical option of royal jelly may be one of the best things to consider.

Royal jelly’s health benefits are disputed and there is no guarantee that it will heal all types of infections. Yet, many people have found solid benefits when they use royal jelly as opposed to using traditional medicines. The simple fact that royal jelly is packed with nutrients that your body needs for its health and well being, means that there are many things that it can help you with including fighting off bacterial and viral infections of many types.


  1. I tend to agree with your post. I’ve had difficulty finding any worthwhile information on this subject. Thanks for your thorough and informative post.

  2. LOVIN’ all the good information! Keep it comin’! It seems like I learn something new from you everytime. Does it make a difference if you use honey or raw honey and what is the difference?

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