Science Verifies That Humans Are Frugivores

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Advocates of the Paleo Diet support their dietary choices by arguing that early humans consumed a high protein diet, consisting of a high intake of animal products.  But there is also contrary evidence suggesting that humans originally were sustained largely on fruit.

Personally, over the years, I have leaned away from science in favor of going with what feels instinctively right. I’ve been drawn towards a diet based on fruit, especially over the last year, and at this stage in my life, it is working well for me. Stubborn health issues are beginning to resolve as I adhere to the purest and natural way of eating that I have ever experienced.

It has taken me a long time to get over my nutritionist mindset – and especially the fear of not getting enough protein. However, the real-life practice of a lifestyle can never be truly known without first-hand experience. I’ve been eating a high raw diet for about four years and living solely on fruit and vegetables for the past five months. I’m not showing any signs of nutritional deficiencies. My recent blood work results were normal and my hemoglobin is higher than it was when I was eating animal products. (I actually was anemic when I was eating a “normal” diet with lots of nutritional supplements).

I believe there is so much about how our bodies work that we really don’t understand. And sometimes science has helped give us some insights. But for me, it is undeniable that eating more raw fruit and vegetables can benefit anyone’s health. What do you think?

Science Verifies That Humans Are Frugivores

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