Side Effects of a Raw Foods Detox Diet

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When beginning a raw food detox diet you are going to feel a handful of negative side effects. For some, these side effects are enough to make them want to give up. But with patience, the side effects will ease and you will begin to feel healthier than ever.

Detoxing means ridding the body of the harmful toxins and poisons that have built up over time. Chemicals in and on the foods you eat build up in your body, slowly causing damage and ridding you of your energy. To go on a detox diet is to eat in a healthier way, a way that helps the body release those toxins and regain strength, energy, and vitality.

When you eat a raw food diet your body is getting more nutrients than it might be used too. Raw fruits and vegetables have far more nutrients than cooked. Your body is able to heal itself, and finally flush out all of the things that have been holding it back. As these toxins leave your body, they make one last effort to cling to your cells.

Here are the common side effects of a raw food detox diet:

  • Fatigue – You may being to feel more tired than usual, and wear out easier. As your body adjusts this goes away.
  • Irritability – Many of the toxins you ingest are addictive. Flushing them out can cause your body to go into a type of withdrawal, causing irritability and moodiness.
  • Headaches – It is common for headaches to happen during the first week of a raw food detox diet. This is your brain’s way of dealing with the detox.
  • Runny nose, bad breath, increased gas – When you are flushing toxins out of your body, they have to go somewhere. This can cause embarrassing problems at first, but they fade with time.

Though it can be discouraging to feel so bad when eating so well, it is just the dark before the dawn. Sticking to it will soon bring health and energy. While suffering through the side effects make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep and drinking plenty of water. In a few days, the side effects will be gone.


  1. I find that detox diet are very important from time to time. It enables us to remove toxins and heavy metals away from our bodies. .”::*

    Hope This Helps!

  2. This is a very good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very precise info… Thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  3. I just started eating Raw for 2 days and Im actually surprised Im enjoying the food ive been eating however the headaches and fatigue my goodness. Im at Ieast glad I was already eating Vegan lol

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