Start Your New Year With A Raw Food Diet

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Recently I released my first book about the raw food diet called The Raw Food Solution: How to Create Vibrant Health with a Raw Food Diet. At the moment the book is available in eBook format and the paperback is on schedule to be released in early January.

Today I am announcing a special offer for my readers with the opportunity to buy the eBook for $10 off the regular price of $29.95. This means that until January 1st the eBook will be available for just $19.95.

If you’ve been thinking about getting started on a raw food diet in the new year this book will give you all the information you need. It includes advice on creating a nutritionally optimal diet, insights on common mistakes made by those eating a raw food diet, and over fifty raw recipes.

I wrote this book with the intention of sharing my personal experiences with a raw food diet as well as the information I have learned about the practical aspects of eating raw. Diet and nutrition is what I am most passionate about (especially delicious healthy food) and my journey with health-promoting diets and formal study spans over two decades.

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Photo courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt
Photo courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt

During this period I experimented with many different approaches to eating but the raw food diet has enhanced my life to a far greater degree than any others, resulting in significant improvements in my health and well being.

I also feel greater emotional stability and enhanced awareness with a much higher perception of the quality of the foods I am eating and the way they affect me on many different levels.

And as an added bonus I simply love the food! Raw foods have so much more flavor and we now have so many options in regards to choosing foods that taste fantastic, especially since raw foods have gained greater popularity in recent years.

The approach that I recommend if you want to start eating raw is to go slowly and focus on healthy foods that you enjoy eating. To truly support your health a change in diet should be thought of as a lifestyle upgrade rather than a short-term fix.

So with this way of thinking you can appreciate that there is no need to rush the process. By adding in the healthy foods that you like to eat, you will improve your nutritional status, which leads to reduced cravings for the other stuff that might not be so good for you.

Additionally it is not necessary to be 100% raw or completely vegan to reap the benefits of a living foods lifestyle. Certain cooked foods and high-quality animal products can be included in small amounts. Most raw food experts agree that so long as you consume at least 80% of your diet as raw foods, then you will experience significant improvements in your health.

Alternatively some people do better with dramatic changes because it can kickstart motivation and help to release negative habitual patterns. Generally you will know if you are this kind of person and if so I encourage you to go for it, while maintaining awareness because with every significant change there is a potential for a snapback in the opposite direction.

If you’ve thought about trying a raw food diet to lose weight, overcome chronic health problems or enhance your physical and mental performance you will find the knowledge to make it work for you in The Raw Food Solution.


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