TCM Medicinal Mushroom Elixirs for Health and Longevity

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Can medicinal mushrooms help improve your health and longevity?

Do you find yourself tossing in your sleep and waking up feeling exhausted? Or are you concerned about losing mental agility and physical stamina as you age?

You’re not alone!

A 2018 survey in Today’s Health News cited the top three health goals in our modern lifestyles to be:

1. Improved Mental performance

2. Better Quality of sleep

3. Enhanced Longevity

Given our perpetual time constraints, never-ending notifications, and the unprecedented level of environmental toxins creeping into our food, clothing, and skin products, it’s no wonder we end the day feeling anxious, in pain, or exhausted.

If there was a natural remedy that could provide insurance against the long-term health impact of stress and toxins on your body, is that something you would be interested in finding out more about?

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There’s a secret that the longest-living people on the planet have used for hundreds of years. An herbal formulation that was so closely guarded for centuries that only Chinese Emperors had access to it.

Intrigued? Me too. Herbal medicine has been one of the foundational tools assisting in my recovery from chronic Lyme disease, and I know just how profound medicinal plants can be for healing the body and bringing it back into balance.

So today I am so excited to share with you, two new holistic TCM Elixirs that my friends at Pique Tea have just released! Not only are they crafted by professional Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, but they are also made with a patented plant technology, called JunCao, which maximizes the bioavailability and potency of the herbs. So you’re getting more nutritional value with every sip.

To begin they started with the most prized of the medicinal mushrooms: Reishi and Chaga. They are both known for their ability to enhance energy and promote longevity. Additionally, they increase your body’s resistance to environmental toxins and stress, which naturally supports its ability to renew and regenerate.


Yet these formulas contain much MORE than just mushrooms. You see, the full benefits of Reishi and Chaga medicinal mushrooms can only be unlocked when they’re combined with complementary plants!

Chaga Energy Elixir = vitality, immune support, and calm energy

Chaga mushroom nourishes the adrenal glands, revitalizes the spirit and improves brain function. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which boosts immunity and resistance to viruses.

The effects of Chaga are supported in this formula with the inclusion of burdock root, which is traditionally used to assist with detoxification and elimination of heavy metals. The Chaga formula also includes North American ginseng, which boosts energy, strength, and stamina, as well as enhancing brain function.

The Chaga Elixir is best taken in the morning to provide sustainable energy throughout the day.


Reishi Calm Elixir = immune support, reduce stress and regulate mood

Reishi is a fundamental Shen tonic in Chinese medicine, which relates to its calming and regulating effect on the mind and spirit. It also offers immune, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral support.

In this formula, Reishi is supported by jujube date, goji berries, and monk fruit, which act to alleviate stress, blood glucose balance, and promote restful sleep.

The Reishi elixir is ideal to consume in the evening, to help you unwind at the end of the day.


These elixirs are so simple to incorporate into your daily routines. All you have to do is add water and you’ll be sipping your way to long-term vitality and longevity! With regular use, you will experience sharper mental performance, deeper and more restful sleep, and a youthful vibrancy.

These TCM elixirs are available for a limited so if you want to try them, I suggest you hurry before they sell out!

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