The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

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The raw food diet is one of the best-kept secrets in the path to creating optimal health, emotional balance, and spiritual transformation. Although on the surface it may appear to be a simple act, changing your diet can have a profound effect on all of the other aspects of your life. Improved health is just one of the many benefits that will result from eating foods that are in resonance with your body’s requirements.

The negative effects of the modern diet on our physical health are undeniable. However, what is often not recognized is the toll that a diet devoid of living energy has on our awareness.

You might think that changing your diet is a fairly straightforward action but it can actually be very confronting on an emotional level. Dietary adjustment can force you to let go of unhealthy habits that you may have been supporting for a very long time. You may feel that these habits provide a certain degree of comfort in your life but they are probably a strong hindrance to your progress and self-development.

Cooked and processed foods can disrupt your natural flow of energy and interrupt your ability to think clearly. When you eat foods that are no longer in their natural state you cannot rely on your instincts to guide you. These foods are responsible for creating a cycle of habit, compulsion, and addiction that can severely cloud your perception more than you may realize.

When you start eating a raw food diet you will learn how to nourish your body with the nutrients on which it thrives. You will imbue yourself with the radiant energy that is contained within living foods.

Additionally, when you stop eating in accordance with the social conventions you may begin to question all other aspects of life. Your newly gained clarity from eating raw foods can help to enhance this process and support your heightened awareness and mental perception.

You will find that you become more sensitive and aware. No longer are you held down in a state of fogginess or despair that is the result of eating foods that have had their vital essence destroyed by cooking and processing.

On a physical level, as the cells and tissues of the body are supplied with living nutrition, a process of regeneration starts to occur. The body is able to release toxins that are hindering the proper function of its cells and interfering with optimal biochemical functioning.

The energy pathways become clear and your life force can start to move without being impeded by obstruction. As you start to experience more energy and feel better about yourself you will find that you have so much more vitality for life. This energy can be directed into your true path so that you will be able to make the changes that you truly desire.

Finally, you will be able to start living your life with the feeling of abundance that you know you deserve.


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