The Fruit Diet and the Treatment of Cancer

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You might have been told not to eat fruit if you have cancer because some people have the idea that sugar feeds cancer. However incredible work is being done by many health practitioners around the world using a fruit diet for the treatment of cancer!

One organization applying this method is the National Oncology Research Institute (the NORI protocol). The underlying premise of their approach is related to methionine restriction.

Nutrition is a powerful tool for reducing the growth of tumors in addition to weakening cancer cells so that they are much more susceptible to treatment. The requirement for a successful outcome is to support normal healthy cells while simultaneously starving the cancer cells of the nutrients they need to survive. 

Several different amino acids are in high demand by cancer cells for growth and cell division – in particular methionine. It has been discovered that depriving cancer cells of methionine is a practical and effective method of cancer treatment. Normal healthy cells are not harmed by the short term limitation of methionine. Methionine restriction produces profound effects and may be sufficient as a standalone therapy for many early-stage cancers.

Methionine restriction requires eliminating many foods and focusing the diet mostly on fruits. Fruit contains natural sugars that do not feed cancer cells or cause tumors to grow.

It is a common misconception that fruit equals sugar or that fruit raises blood sugar levels. Fruit can only be a problem if there is a high fat intake in conjunction with a fruit diet, which can sometimes increase insulin resistance. The key is to highlight fruits as the main component of the diet while aiming to keep fat intake ideally below ten percent of total caloric intake.

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The first video offers a summary of the treatment approach of the National Oncology Research Institute and the second video explains more details about the NORI protocol.

Using a fruit diet for the treatment of cancer is not necessarily a new approach but the research on methionine can help to explain one of the ways that eating fruit can assist with cancer recovery. Fruits also work by other means by supplying the body with nutrients and phytochemicals to protect against cancer.  Many people have had success by applying the principles of natural healing and detoxification by using a fruit centered diet in these situations.

Clinical nutritionist, Jan Dries also advocated a strict raw food diet focusing on fruit for overcoming cancer. In his book, The Dries Cancer Diet: A Practical Guide to the Use of Fresh Fruit and Raw Vegetables in the Treatment of Cancer, he explains that when nutrition is utilized as a tool for cancer recovery, patients must strictly adhere to a high-fruit, raw food diet for at least the first three months, after which this can be relaxed to a degree if desired.

Dr. Robert Morse is another practitioner who has very successfully been using a fruit diet to help people overcome cancer and other health conditions for many years. His methodology is focused on the use of continual adherence to the fruit diet – especially the use of extended grape fasts – in conjunction with botanical herbs to support the body in accordance with the individual’s constitution.

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  1. Thanks for this – It was truly needed – Many people around me have gotten cancer and when I say my inner knowings from the experience and feelings contained within the fruit/ food I eat – people would rather hear the lie that you need to rip your heart away and stay away from fruit and focus on dead food and dead minerals that pollute your body.

    Big Hugs

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