The Fruitarian Diet and Increased Sensitivity

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My husband and I have been eating raw for almost four years now. However recently have embarked on a primarily fruitarian diet to allow us to go to the next level with our health.

One of the things you will notice very quickly if you embark on a low fat raw vegan lifestyle is that your sensitivity to smell is significantly enhanced. In particular, I’ve observed that it is very difficult to be near people who have been eating a lot of garlic.

This week we had an interesting experience with garlic, which my husband has written about in a blog post:

Fruitarianism and the Magic of Garlic and Rosemary

The aroma of garlic and rosemary has been permeating our household and I can’t help but be reminded of roast chicken and potatoes. It really does smell like we’ve been cooking up a storm but it is actually aromatherapy in it’s most basic form!

When I picked up the fresh rosemary that we bought at the farmer’s market it felt quite sticky due to the high content of essential oils. So adding just a little heat allows these oils to vaporize into the air creating a beautiful fragrance.

Personally I would prefer to use the rosemary by itself but my husband loves the combination because it smells like delicious food. He says it is helping to satisfy his cooked food cravings!

I’m not sure if this would work for someone new to raw foods or not. If you give it a try let me know!


  1. This is so good. Since I came here to costa rica I have been eating 95% fruitarian. I become very happy when eat like this. watermelon, mange, papaya, bananas. I feel so good.

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