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Hi everyone. Just a quick post today because we are having problems with our internet connection right now.

I know some of you have been waiting for my book, The Raw Food Solution: How to Create Vibrant Health with a Raw Food Diet, to come out in paperback so I am posting to let you know that it is now available. I’ve also reduced the price to $21.95 to make it more accessible for everyone.

You can purchase it online from Amazon or if you prefer you could ask your local bookstore to order it in for you.

For those of you who prefer an instant download click here for the eBook version.


5.0 out of 5 stars Well-written raw food guide, January 15, 2012
By Kongzhanshi

I started to transition to a raw food diet more than one year ago. Reading Mizpah’s book helped me a great deal to get on track with my healthy eating habits. The first thing realized upon reading, which also had the greatest impact, was that I was lacking the right amount of daily protein for many years. Adjusting my protein intake, as well as balancing essential fatty acids, combined with my newly started raw food diet, did wonders on the spot and the effect was simply amazing, especially with my physical routines – taught by Lujan Matus, Mizpah’s husband, author of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception: The Living Tapestry of Lujan Matus and Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation – which were physically demanding at that time.Although I haven’t been able to try out all recipes, the book has been an invaluable tool in determining what my body needed for optimum vibrancy throughout the day. If greens, goji berries, bee pollen or any other ingredients were not part of one of the recipes from the book, I would take them individually or improvise a combination in some form, using Mizpah’s well-researched tips for balancing protein, fats and greens throughout the day.Having tried some of the smoothie recipes, the buddha bowl, nori rolls and pad thai, I can say they are simply rawlicious.

Thanks so much for this amazingly well-written guide to raw eating well-being.

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