The Raw Food Transformation

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The greatest value of The Raw-Food Diet is its transformative value. To a great extent, when you take up The Raw-Food Diet, you become a new and different and better person.

You don’t just stay the same old person only a little healthier. You become, to a great extent, a new being with new interests, a new philosophy and outlook on life, new goals and new desires.

You become more of your essence, more a part of the one great life of Nature and less of the confused human world. You become less ‘of the World’ and more ‘of the Earth’.

Joe Alexander, Author of “Blatant Raw-Foodist Propaganda

One of the things I appreciate the most about the raw food diet is its incredible power to facilitate change and transformation. Undoubtedly raw foods can completely overhaul your state of health and help you to achieve your ideal weight. However just as significant is the dramatic impact that eating a raw food diet can have on all the other aspects of your life.

An extraordinary process occurs when you adjust your normal eating habits and start consuming a diet based on raw and living foods. When you eat foods in their natural state, unadulterated by the negative effects of cooking or processing, the living energy they possess enters your cells. You will experience this as a boost of vitality and well being that, in many cases, can be instantaneous.

Sometimes the change is noticed within the first day or two. In those with a long-term chronic illness, it may take several months or longer but with persistence, the results are usually no less than dramatic.

On a physical level, as the cells and tissues of your body are supplied with living nutrition, a process of regeneration starts to occur. Your body is able to release toxins that are hindering the proper workings of its tissues and interfering with the optimal biochemical functioning of its cells. The energy pathways become clear and your life force can start to move through your body without being impeded by obstruction.

You may also observe the influence that releasing these blockages and freeing up your energy can have on other areas of your life. Your emotional balance and awareness will improve. You may suddenly become conscious of dysfunctional habits that have been limiting your ability to reach your full potential, not only in regards to your health but in all the other areas of your life.

As your clarity is enhanced and your self-awareness increases you may notice that some of the things that you previously regarded as important no longer seem that way and your priorities can start to shift. For many people, it can be as if a light has suddenly been turned on in a dark room. New possibilities become clear and you begin to see things from a fresh perspective that is based in an outlook of balance and positivity.

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