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My last post about what I eat in a day in Bali on a plant-based raw diet got some positive feedback, so I am going to share with you more examples of some of the beautiful food I’ve been eating. Like I mentioned previously my daily diet can be highly variable. Some days I do just fruit and juice until dinner. Other times I might eat some cooked veggies. Then there are also moments when I really need some (raw) chocolate.

So please don’t take this as a recommendation of what you should eat, or what is a nutritionally balanced way to eat each day. We all have different needs at different times in our life.  It’s just a little look into the kinds of foods I have been enjoying recently on a plant-based diet.

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I start almost every day with a glass or two of coconut water. It is so hydrating and provides great support to the adrenals due to the naturally occurring electrolytes it contains. I love the subtle energy boost it provides and wouldn’t want to live without it!


Bali is the land of smoothie bowls and I’ve probably had at least a hundred of these in the last few months. This one was a blend of red dragonfruit, banana, maqui berry and almond milk, topped with banana, strawberry, mango passionfruit, and coconut flakes. I never get tired of Bali smoothie bowls for breakfast.

A little later I had another glass of coconut water to which I added a scoop of Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens. I find this supplement really convenient when I’m craving something green. I just add a scoop to the coconut water and stir or shake and it’s ready. Sometimes I also add a teaspoon of chlorella powder.

This is a great way to enhance your nutritional intake and also helps balance the sweetness of the coconut water. The supplement contains alfalfa, moringa, barley, oat, and wheatgrass. Grasses are the only foods that provide a full spectrum of 92 minerals. Adding grasses to your diet can provide nutrients that you might otherwise be missing out on.


Lunch was a little bit gourmet but still nice and light. These are fresh spring rolls with the wrapping made from papaya. Inside is mango and crunchy veggies including carrot, daikon, cucumber, and cilantro. They came with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce but I like it hot so I added extra fresh chilies!


It was a very hot day so perfect to enjoy this healthy treat in the afternoon containing blueberries, fresh coconut milk, thyme, and vanilla.

For dinner, we ordered gojek delivery, which is a fantastic service that brings food to your doorstep from many of the great Bali restaurants and cafes.

This is the raw zucchini noodles with coconut cream, mushroom and dill sauce topped with nut parmesan from Nude Cafe. It was a really delicious dish and the coconut sauce was so rich and creamy with very well balanced flavors. There was a subtle hint of garlic and I even tasted some lemongrass. I don’t usually like raw mushrooms but they worked well in this dish.


Because it has so much fat this is not the kind of thing I eat very often, but it is nice once in a while to enjoy some gourmet raw food. I also had a simple side salad with it that helped to balance the meal (which I forgot to photograph), containing lettuce greens, grape tomatoes, sliced radish, and red onion.

After gourmet raw food like this, my digestive system needs some support so I enjoyed my favorite peppermint tea by Traditional Medicinals. If you love your tea strong and minty then this will not disappoint. Personally, this is the only brand that gives me the benefits I need for enhancing digestion and relieving gastrointestinal discomfort.

It is also essential in my detox toolkit for dealing with nausea, as well as being the best remedy I’ve found to calm an upset stomach or gallbladder related to the effects of an overload of toxins in the system.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to see more photos of the delicious raw and plant-based foods I am enjoying you can follow me on Instagram.

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