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What I eat changes from day to day, depending on many things including where I am living, what I am doing, and how I am feeling physically and emotionally. While certain foods are always bound to make an appearance like fresh tropical fruits, smoothies, and green juices, I like variety in my diet and don’t adhere to any strict rules. It just so happens that the foods I enjoy and that make me feel my best are mostly raw and plant-based.

So having said that, this is just an example of what I ate on one isolated day. It is not necessarily how I eat all the time, nor should it be seen as a recommendation on how you should eat or how a nutritionally balanced diet would look. I am just posting this in the interest of sharing a small snippet of my life and maybe to provide some inspiration and motivation.

In the last few days, I’ve actually been eating quite a bit lighter than I have been for the previous few months. While living and traveling in Colorado and Barcelona I certainly enjoyed the good life quite a lot! But now I am back in Asia and feeling some challenges on my immune system so I’m being drawn back to a more cleansing diet. Thankfully Bali is heaven on earth for raw, vegan, and plant-based foods so it makes it easy to eat healthily.

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I start every morning with one or two cups of hot tea, even when living in the tropics. Drinking warm fluids in the morning helps to activate the digestive system, stimulate the lymphatics, and kickstart the cleansing process. Lately, the weather has been really hot so it also stimulates sweating, which is one of the best ways to activate the lymphatic glands and eliminate toxins from pesticide residues in the body.

Currently, I am drinking Cistus tea, which is a new addition to my protocol for recovery from chronic Lyme disease. This tea helps break down biofilm in a gentle way, which over time makes it easier for your body to eliminate harmful pathogens. It also provides general support for the immune system and has antioxidant properties.


Hydration is so important for cleansing and healing, especially when you live in a hot climate. Most days I drink at least a bottle of coconut water in the morning and today was no exception.

The best thing is you don’t have to open them yourself because the bottled ones are widely available and only $1.50 each with free home delivery! That’s much better than paying $5 for one coconut in Whole Foods! Usually, I have a large glass before my morning yoga practice, then another glass afterward.


One of my favorite smoothies is called Bliss Berry from The Shady Shack and it contains blueberries, red dragonfruit, pineapple, banana, coconut yogurt, almond milk, honey, and bee pollen.

smoothie-bowlGenerally, I eat a smoothie bowl for breakfast like the one above but this morning I didn’t have a very big appetite so I was happy just with a smoothie.


A couple of hours later I was feeling a little hungry so I had one red dragonfruit. These are so delicious, sweet, and juicy and way better than the white dragonfruit we had in Thailand. Actually, even though Thailand is the fruit mecca for raw foodies I think that the fruit in Bali has even more life and nutrition, which I think may have something to do with the rich volcanic soil.

After all that sweetness, I was really craving a green juice, so we went for an early dinner at around 3 pm. It can be difficult to eat fruit all day but I find that green juice really helps provide balance and stability when you are cleansing on a fruit-based diet.


Following the juice, I enjoyed some raw vegan sushi made with cauliflower rice, papaya, and avocado with wasabi and pickled ginger. This was really light and delicious.


Then a simple green salad with fresh lettuce leaves, avocado, radish, red pepper, sprouts, and pumpkin seeds. The entire meal left me feeling very light but also well-nourished.

A few hours after dinner I had a medium bunch of black grapes. It can be good to eat cleansing fruits like these in the evening because they help your body detox as you sleep. Grapes, due to their astringent effects, assist you to eliminate toxins via the lymphatics and kidneys. However, the downside of eating fruit in the evening is that you might need to visit the bathroom during the night, so that’s why I generally prefer to do fruit during the day and end with a salad or veggies in the evening.


After the grapes, I was still feeling a bit hungry so I had three baby bananas. These were tiny – maybe just a little over two inches each – so three bananas are really like eating one regular banana.  I also drank some more of the Cistus tea and a teaspoon of raw honey for its immune-boosting benefits.

That’s it! This is the first time I’ve done a post on what I eat in a day, so if you find this interesting and you would like me to post more examples like this please let me know in the comments section below. And if you want to see more photos of the foods I am eating you can follow me on Instagram.


  1. Yeah i would love to see more of these kinds of posts!
    Living the good life 🙂

    Here in canada is winter and fruits suck 🙁 so hard to find a ripe fruit!
    You think with the high prices they charge it would be good but thats not the case, they are uneatable. Harvested green (unripe)
    So ive been eating alot of banana superfood smoothies to get by.
    Also because its winter that means no more barefoot. That loss of connection to earth has really gotten me down.

    Anyways Its very interesting to see such lovely food arraganged so artfully – definately post more! 😉

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