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I’ve already posted a few examples of some of the delicious raw and vegan meals I’ve been eating in Bali. There are so many options for healthy eating now and it has been fun to explore many of the local restaurants and cafes offering what has truly been some of the most amazing food I’ve eaten in my life.

This is more of an example of what I eat on a cleansing day when my intention is to detox and keep things simple. While I would love to eat gourmet raw food or vegan restaurant dishes every day, I’m not yet at the stage in my healing where my body can handle such complicated combinations all the time. I can get away with it for a little while but for the most part, I feel more balanced keeping to fresh juices, fruits, and light salads.

This day was quite low in calories, and remember I am only 4’11”, so my energy requirement is going to be much less than most people would require – especially if you are physically active. So again, please don’t take this as a recommendation on what you should eat because we are all unique and have different needs.

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Without a doubt I have consumed more coconuts in the last six months than ever before. In Bali, they are abundant and inexpensive. We’ve had them delivered to our home in glass bottles at least several times a week, which is super-convenient because they can take a lot of effort to open. I love starting my day with fresh coconut water because it provides instant hydration and a boost of energy from electrolytes.

My first solid meal for the day was three guavas, which I bought from the organic farmer’s market that is on every Sunday morning in Canggu. These are seriously the best guavas I’ve ever had!


Their bright pink color is amazing, they are really sweet and have tons of flavor. The texture is a combination of creamy and grainy – kind of like a mixture of mango and pear but not as juicy. The seeds are really hard and I don’t love them but the taste of the fruit makes up for that. You just have to be careful not to bite down hard and to gently chew your fruit. They have one of the highest levels of vitamin C and are certainly a rich source of fiber!


In the tropical heat, it is even more important to stay hydrated so I always have fresh juice every day. This one is called Blossoming Beet and has beets, cucumber, black grapes, celery, mint, and lemongrass. It’s really refreshing and not too sweet.


This soursop is another fruit that I found at the organic market. Yes, they are sour but there is enough sweetness to balance and the flavor is reminiscent of citrus and pineapple.

My favorite way to eat them is to simply remove the seeds, then blend and eat like a pudding. With this method, I avoid any potential negative effects on the teeth because of the fruit acids but it’s also nice and creamy this way. They are quite a large fruit so half of one is a good amount for me.

Soursop has a lot of potential benefits including being anti-viral and anti-parasitic. In more recent years it has been touted as being a powerful anti-cancer fruit. After eating this one I felt a sudden boost of happiness. Obviously it was really good for my body at that moment but then I looked into it a bit more and discovered that soursop is also very concentrated in the amino acid tryptophan, which acts as a precursor to the “feel good” hormone serotonin.

Soursop is not a fruit that is always easy to find but definitely give it a try if you have the opportunity. They also make a fantastic smoothie blended with fresh coconut, raw honey, and vanilla.


I very often enjoy eating fruit and drinking juice all day but towards the late afternoon I almost always crave something savory and that’s pretty normal for most people following a high-fruit diet. On this day I enjoyed a salad called “The Farmacy” from a local cafe. It’s a combination of watercress, herbs, raw veggies, sprouts, and two kinds of fermented vegetables – red cabbage sauerkraut and curried carrot. It also came with a pumpkin seed butter dressing.

This is much smaller than the kind of salad I would normally make for myself and I was feeling a bit hungry a few hours later so I had some local tangerines that are also known as Siamese Oranges. They are really sweet and juicy with a thin skin that is easy to peel.


I normally don’t like to eat fruit after eating other foods but I have found that acid fruits like citrus and pineapple don’t cause any issues when eaten in small amounts with or after a salad based on raw veggies and healthy fats. I would never eat citrus for at least five or six hours after a high-starch meal like rice or potatoes because this is poor food combining and will most definitely lead to digestive distress.

While there is nothing I love more than a beautiful raw gourmet meal, I can also feel just as satisfied eating more simply as long as the food is of high quality. Mono-meals containing just a single fruit at a time can often be the best approach to overcoming chronic illness as there is less work required from your body for digestion. This means more energy is available for healing and regeneration. There is also no better way to truly appreciate each individual food in terms of its nuances of flavor and how it affects your body.

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