Why Has Wheatgrass Become So Popular?

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It is now found that you can get wheatgrass everywhere these days. Not only is it being offered in smoothies and juices, but also in salads and even in tablet and powder form.

As many people will tell you wheatgrass provides the human body with a substantial amount of nutrients which includes (per 3.5 grams of wheatgrass) 860mg of protein, 18.5mg of chlorophyll, 15mg of calcium, 38mg of lysine, 7.5mg of vitamin C and a number of other micronutrients including B complex vitamins and amino acids.

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Many people who already consume Wheatgrass extol the virtues of it being able to help in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Certainly research carried out suggests that a persons diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables can help be preventative maintenance against many illnesses. Plus by consuming wheatgrass a person is able to increase the vegetable part of their overall diet.

People who have been looking at the process of self-healing have also heard about the benefits of wheatgrass. Over many years now it has been proven that wheatgrass juice helps in many ways by cleansing a person’s lymph system, by building up blood, also by restoring the natural balance in a persons body as well as removing toxins from the cells in a body. It has also been found to help nourish both the liver and kidneys and thus restoring a persons vitality.

Consuming 1oz of wheatgrass juice has the equivalent in vitamins and minerals if you were to consume 2.2lbs of fresh vegetables. The many benefits that wheatgrass juice provide to us stem from the fact that it is the plants life force and therefore a living food. It is a complete protein and has about 30 enzymes within it as well as containing approximately 70% of chlorophyll in crude form.

There has certainly been some success seen in the reversal of people who have chronic degenerative diseases, especially those eating mainly a vegetarian diet and have included living foods such as wheatgrass juice.

Therefore if you want to look after your body, then wheatgrass juice will be for you.

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  1. I discovered a highly nutritional organic powdered wheatgrass that 4 packets are equivalent to one tray of wheatgrass. Another important thing is the packets are used upon opening, not like a jar, which every time it is opened it oxidizes and loses its nutritional value. This is the only wheatgrass powder in the world grown Aeroponically in 100% purified oxygen; soil free, fungus free and pollution free.The roots contain cancer fighting nutrients not found in the blades. One of the nutrients, P4D1, has also been shown in laboratory tests to eat the protein sheath off a cancer cell so that the white blood cells can attack and destroy them.
    Another plus is by combining the roots with the blades the taste is more like a “green tea” and is not strong and nauseous as fresh wheatgrass is. You can drink this straight, no need to mix with anything else to hide the taste, just enjoy wheatgrass! Even kids love it!

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