Yoga, Health and Balance

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Yoga has the capacity to enrich our lives on so many levels, particularly when the practitioner takes a dedicated approach towards their practice.

For me personally, yoga offers a way to express my essence through supporting the cultivation of a sense of purpose that arises from a disciplined lifestyle. The simple act of committing to practice yoga every day becomes a powerful expression of intent that translates into all aspects of being in the world.

My journey toward yoga commenced at the age of nine when I entered the world of gymnastics. I was amazed at the beauty and grace of this incredible sport and was inspired to begin training. One of the requirements for entry into the gymnastics school was to pass a test, which involved many elements, one being the ability to do the splits, which at that stage I was unable to achieve.

I resolved to practice the splits daily and within a few months I had accomplished a full split and this in itself provided me with a great sense of achievement. My subsequent entry into regular training and competition continued to endow me with a feeling of purpose and fulfillment as I resolved to set and achieve new goals. However perhaps what was of greater importance was gaining an appreciation of the simple joy of movement and fluidity that I gained from the increases in physical awareness and aptitude.

Now I find that yoga provides me with a way to continue my growth on this level in a way that is not excessively demanding on the body, while also providing a method through which to nurture health in all of its facets. When yoga is practiced with wisdom and we learn to listen to the signals from our body we can adjust our practice to suit whatever is going on at that particular time whether on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

In this way my personal yoga practice provides me with a way to connect to the deeper aspects of myself and to reach towards a true experience of balance, inner freedom and contentment, and that for me is the true meaning of yoga.

Who else loves yoga? How has the practice of yoga enhanced your health and your life?


  1. aloha mizpah,
    it was such a pleasure to read this article just before I did yoga for today. I feel a sense of appreciation for physical practice, even though at times that appreciation is at the forefront of loving practice and at other times i need to kickstart it. I’ve had a few holiday season interruptions to my practice and raw food diet, and the resulting energy loss is quite palpable. Im now on the enthusiastic mode with discipline again & I feel boosted by reading what you have written here.

    I have to laugh, I still finish yoga stretches with the splits training. It is a symbol of where it all began for me too, except i wanted to be a dancer.

    Combining yoga, jogging & dance creates so many positive sensations and healthy benefits for me physically, emotionally and mentally. I think of it as being always in training to be able to embody a flow of energy that is always evolving forwards in health, love, happiness & strength in this crazy world. I find that physical practice stabilises the energy field of individual consciousness, like developing a core spiritual clarity is similar to developing core physical strength and the two are mutually beneficial.


  2. I love yoga !
    I used to practice asanas and a little of meditation, but this week-end, i have spent 2 days in a ashram and it took me to the next level !

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