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Mizpah Matus
Founder of Live Remedy

I’m dedicated to helping people transform their lives with raw food and botanical medicine. On this website, you will find articles about natural health, plant-based recipes, and detox programs.

If you are here because you are looking for answers to solve a health challenge I encourage you to keep an open mind. A healthy lifestyle can allow you to experience healing from deep within so that any health issues can be resolved completely. However, to fully realize this you need to understand the best way to proceed and to experience the benefits for yourself.

Cleansing Diets, Detox Programs & Raw Food

I began experimenting with raw foods over two decades ago. Right from the beginning, I sensed that this way of eating had a profound effect on my well-being. When eating a raw food diet I instantly felt lighter, happier, and more connected.

At this time in my life, I was interested in exploring the healing potential of foods and herbs. I tried many different eating styles and nutritional approaches and the raw food diet was just one of these.

However, while I was intrigued about cleansing diets and detox programs I never really considered these methods as a way of living over the long-term. I regarded the raw food diet as more of a temporary fix – to quickly lose weight, release toxins, and get rid of unhealthy cravings. So once the cleanse was over I would return to what I considered as a healthy diet, which in retrospect was far from the case.

Later in my life when I became affected with chronic health issues I rediscovered the transformational and healing power of raw foods.

My Healing Journey

At the age of twenty-seven, I contracted a mystery illness that was severe and unrelenting. Eventually, I accepted the explanation that I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. It wasn’t until 17 years later that I recalled the presence of a bull’s eye rash that appeared around the time I began experiencing symptoms. At the time there wasn’t much awareness of Lyme disease where I lived, so I passed it off as ringworm, which I thought I recognized as it was something I experienced in childhood.

But in later years as I continued to look deeper into potential causes of my illness it became clear that I needed to consider Lyme disease. This is when my memory of the rash was triggered. My husband also clearly recalls the rash and its appearance which was a classic bull’s eye shape. As yet have not yet been able to access the appropriate diagnostic tests due to unavailability in the countries I have lived in, however my symptom picture indicates that Lyme disease is the most likely cause.

The impact of this condition on my life was devastating beyond description and can only truly be understood by those who have experienced it. For the first few years, I was bedridden and could only get two hours a night of broken sleep. Every single day I felt like I had a combination of the flu and a hangover. I had severe pain all over my body, swollen lymph nodes, chest pain, migraines, a chronic sore throat, and difficulty concentrating due to constant “brain fog”.

My energy was totally stripped from me and at the same time, my sense of identity was destroyed. As a former competitive gymnast and avid scholar, it was difficult for me to accept my inability to be physically active and engage in my studies. I was essentially disabled and unable to work because of the severity of my condition.

The lack of understanding and genuine solutions for people in my situation only compounded my feeling of hopelessness. Visits to medical doctors left me emotionally distraught after being told they believed there was nothing wrong with me.

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Modern Nutrition and the Paleo Diet

I knew if I was ever going to regain my health that I would have to discover the answers for myself. So I delved into the world of nutritional supplements and dietary healing with the resources that were available to me. I followed the advice of my teachers who were regarded as leaders in the field of natural medicine.

While these therapeutic methods gave me limited benefits my overall health improved only gradually. I know now that the Paleo-style diet that was recommended at the time (and still often is) was actually hindering my recovery. I always felt better when I focused my diet on fruit however my mentors were advising a high-protein, low-glycemic diet as the prescription for just about every health condition. So I continued doing what I thought was right, even though it wasn’t really working for me.

My energy levels and sleep slightly improved a little more each year. However, my overall health was very poor and I developed other issues including ovarian cysts, interstitial cystitis, a digestive disorder called gastroparesis, myoclonic seizures, and episodes of tachycardia and cardiac arrhythmia.

Healing with Raw Foods

It was only after about ten years of chronic illness that I once again investigated the healing potential of a raw food detox diet. When I started to base my diet on raw foods I immediately felt enlivened and became enthusiastic about the possibility of regaining my health. So I learned everything I could about the raw food diet and starting eating 100 percent raw.

Many of my health issues began to improve within the first few months. However, with a lack of guidance, I didn’t really know the right way to eat to fully heal my condition. I also found it challenging to eat raw all the time because my life involved a lot of traveling in different countries around the world. As a consequence, it took some time before I was able to implement a style of raw food eating that would best support my recovery.

The Gourmet Raw Food Diet

I was inspired by the raw food diet and decided to undertake training as a gourmet raw chef. This led to a greater understanding of the way different raw foods affected my well-being.

When returning from culinary school I was eager to experiment with gourmet raw cuisine. So I started creating raw food recipes at home which dramatically changed the way I was eating. My meals started to include a much higher intake of fat from nuts, seeds, and oils. I especially enjoyed making (and eating) gourmet raw desserts.

It wasn’t long before I realized that this way of eating was having a negative effect on my health. I felt heavy, congested, and lethargic when eating gourmet raw foods.

A High-Fruit Diet for Vibrant Health

When I began to eat a lighter and more simple raw food diet my health began to improve more rapidly. I experienced the most dramatic changes when I focused on fruit as a major component of my diet.

I started by fasting on watermelon for two or three days on a regular basis. Later I undertook other longer fruit fasts including 7-10 day grape fasts, a 20-day mango diet,  several month-long fruit fasts and 20-day fruit and vegetable juice feast, and then about a year later another 30-day juice feast. The more I focused on fruit and juice the better I felt! I then learned to rely more on my instincts to guide me, rather than depending on scientific research to inform my decisions on what to eat.

Fruits are the ideal food for healing and regeneration because they deeply cleanse your body while simultaneously providing the highest quality nutrition. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat only fruit to recover from a chronic health condition. Other foods such as salads, juices, vegetables, avocado, and coconut can be a valuable addition to your regime at different stages of the healing process.

However, for the deepest level of cleansing and to deal with certain chronic health issues, it is often beneficial to adhere to a fruitarian diet for a time. You may not have to be as strict or necessarily have to eat like this for the rest of your life. Yet the profound benefits that can be experienced with this approach are a true gift for anyone seeking to restore optimal health.

I am still working on healing my body and my diet is always adjusting according to the seasons and current state of wellbeing.  Each year my health continues to improve a little more. It can take time to restore the damage caused by years of serious and misdiagnosed illness and there are many challenges that arise during this process. Yet detoxification and regeneration using raw foods and botanical herbs offer the greatest hope for anyone searching for true and lasting recovery from chronic illness.

You Can Reclaim Your Health

My mission is to inspire you about living foods and dietary approaches to recovering from chronic illness so that you can tap into the healing energy within your body. Your health truly is under your control. A plant-based diet is an incredible tool that can help you cleanse and regenerate your entire body.

I absolutely believe that you have the ability to heal from within – no matter what your current condition – once you discover your true path to healing.

However, while the way to reclaim your health may be simple this does not necessarily mean it is easy. For many of us, it can take a lot of dedication and determination to succeed. I hope that this site can offer you the inspiration and support you need to help you to achieve your goals.

My Education

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Major in Complementary Medicine): Charles Sturt University
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine: Dorothy Hall College
  • Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine: Health Schools Australia
  • Graduate Certificate of Nutrition Medicine: RMIT University
  • Gourmet Raw Food Chef Certificate: Living Light Culinary Institute
  • Detoxification Specialist Certificate: Dr. Robert Morse’s International School of Detoxification

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