Deep Detox & Cleanse With Fruit

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This video quickly and succinctly explains how to do a deep detox with fruit and why this approach works for improving chronic health conditions.

It can help solidify and clarify your understanding of the fruit diet for detox and is an excellent resource for sharing with friends and family members who are unfamiliar with detox and don’t know where to start!

Special thanks to Dr. Robert Morse for his pioneering work in the great healing art of lymphatic detoxification.


  1. Hi, watched this video on Lujan’s site and have a few questions that maybe you could point to the answers. Have tried vegetarian/vegan both times after years, became very ill. The last time just about a month ago, became so weak, could hardly walk, my spine did not seem to be able to hold me up my teeth/jaw actually realigned back to when I was young before all the dental treatments. Took control as best as I could and started to take supplements and eating limited cheese and added eggs to my diet, which helped but find that maybe running into problems again. Have tried raw but my stomach hurts after eating raw vegetables. Live in a very sparsely populated area of northern Canada, fresh fruits is only basically seasonal as well as vegetables that are organic. Also age, could this also play a role in being able to adapt?

    1. Hi Nicole,
      What you are describing about feeling ill on a raw food diet is what can happen when your body begins to detoxify. I would be interested to know more about how long you stayed completely raw and what exactly you were eating during those times.

      Feeling weak during detox is almost always related to weak adrenals and it can take some time to bring them back up. In your case you might want to look into tonic herbs for the adrenals like Siberian ginseng and if you have low blood pressure, licorice root.

      The reason you felt better when you added back cheese and eggs is because you halted the detox process. It makes you feel better temporarily but in the long run this causes a build up of acids, which worsens the situation.

      If you have difficulty digesting raw vegetables then I suggest you avoid them and focus on fruits. This is the best approach for detoxification as well.

      If you want to eat a salad choose very tender leafy greens like lettuce and baby spinach along with non-sweet fruits like tomato, cucumber, sweet peppers and avocado. Most people do well with these combinations. If not you could try making raw soups using these same ingredients.

      Since you seem to be sensitive and have had difficulty tolerating a raw diet I recommend a more gradual transition. I would stay on the level 1 diet for at least a month or two and only progress by increasing your intake of raw foods once you feel comfortable on that level. You can read more about how to approach this here:

      How To Detox: Detox Diet Menu Guidelines

      Also supporting your body with herbs such as in the Deep Tissue Cleanse can really enhance your progress and reduce the amount of time it takes to see positive results:

      Deep Tissue Cleanse

      If you have limited access to fresh fruits in the cold weather then you may do better including some cooked vegetables in your diet during those times. If all you can get is cabbage in the winter and you don’t digest it well raw then it is better to steam it. As long as you keep your focus on fruit and vegetables and avoid acid-forming foods like animal products and grains you should still make positive progress. Are you able to access any fresh fruits in colder weather?

      Age can play a role and digestion does tend to decline over the years but this has more to do with the accumulation of a lifetime of inappropriate lifestyle. In almost all cases people do well when they focus on fruit – essentially eat fruit for breakfast and lunch – and pay attention to proper food combining. This can make all the difference. For more information on this take a look at this series of videos:

      Food Combining and the Raw Food Diet

  2. Thank you so much Mizpah for your reply and consideration. It helps so much to have guidance filled with love and all its flowers. There is so much going on right now in my world as far as spiritual growth as well, the mixture of both must be overwhelming to the body. Will keep this website in my heart and practice your recommendations and do the detox. Also thank you for the ebook when I joined, very helpful. Much love and appreciation. May the energy of love be returned to you trifold for all that you do to help others.

  3. Appreciate all the clarifying posts found here and on the parallel perception website. It is encouraging to continually have updates on proper nutrition and how to transition over from a lifetime of rotten eating habits to a plan that actually feeds the body good. All the info and source sharing and how-tos are so essential for laywomen like myself to get going in the right direction.. and STAY there.

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