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Is it possible to overcome any health challenge by eating raw fruits and vegetables?

All over the world people are discovering the powerful health benefits of a raw food detox diet. This is a revolutionary healing science- one that addresses the true cause of health issues – rather than simply covering up the symptoms.

Eating a raw food diet can help your body to eliminate toxins while simultaneously rejuvenating your cells. When toxic obstructions are removed and your life force energy is enhanced your body can tap into its natural healing potential.

How Toxins Affect Your Health

All of us have been exposed to an extremely toxic load throughout our lifetimes. The food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe have all been contaminated with unnatural substances.

When your body accumulates more toxins than it is able to remove you will eventually begin to experience negative effects. In the beginning, you may notice a decline in energy levels. You might also experience occasional symptoms like headaches, allergies, or digestive discomfort.

Eventually, toxins can build-up to the point where they strain your organs and impair optimal functioning. If the situation is not addressed the effects of excess toxins can ultimately lead to the development of chronic health issues.

The Natural Cleansing Process

Your body regularly attempts to purge toxins from your system by stimulating its natural cleansing processes. This can manifest in the form of symptoms that we interpret as an illness, such as a cold or flu.

We’ve become accustomed to seeking out a quick fix in the form of a pill or remedy to alleviate discomfort. But the reality is that suppressing these symptoms hinders your body’s ability to eradicate toxins. This ultimately forces them deeper while the underlying cause of the problem remains.

A New Paradigm of Healing

A total health transformation can only occur when we move away from the concept of treating disease and instead focus on achieving balance. Detoxification is fundamental in order to eliminate the root cause of chronic health issues.

An effective detoxification program will naturally support the cleansing pathways via the elimination organs. In particular, most people need to work on enhancing the filtration capacity of the kidneys and resolving obstructions within the lymphatic system.

The Raw Food Detox Solution

When you increase the quality of your nutritional intake your body will naturally begin to heal itself. Even shifting to a whole-foods, plant-based diet can result in substantial health benefits.

However, raw foods have unique qualities that support the ability of your body to cleanse and release toxins. Fruit especially activates healing through initiating deep cleansing and enhancing the function of the organs of elimination.

Recovering Your Natural Instincts

Animals instinctively know what to eat to maintain their health. Unfortunately, we’ve lost touch with our natural instincts due to social conditioning and food addiction.

A raw food detox diet helps you rediscover the foods that not only taste delicious but are also good for your body.

Raw Foods Offer Bioavailable Nutrients

Raw plant-based foods provide an array of nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that protect your body against toxins and regenerate your cells. When you eat raw fruit and vegetables these nutrients come in a form that is most effectively absorbed and utilized.

Cooking causes alterations in the chemistry of food, destroying vitamins and rendering minerals into an inorganic form that is not compatible with the human body. Additionally, cooking produces toxic compounds that have been observed to have negative health effects.

An Alkaline Diet for Restoring Balance

Pain and discomfort occur when acid wastes build up in the extra-cellular fluid. If you become too acidic your body can draw on its reserves of alkalizing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium to restore balance.

What we eat can affect our body chemistry. When your diet contains a high amount of acid-forming foods mineral reserves can be depleted. This may result in a variety of health problems such as osteoporosis, dental issues, chronic fatigue, immune disorders, and arthritis.

When undertaking a raw food detox you will emphasize foods that have an alkaline effect in your body. For the main part, this will consist of fresh fruits and tender green leafy raw vegetables. Alkaline substances carry a magnetic charge that pulls acidic wastes out of the tissues so they can be eliminated.

Fruit Diet for Deep Tissue Detoxification

Fruits are some of the most powerful foods for cleansing your body. They provide structured water, which contains a high concentration of intracellular ions. This property allows the water from fruits to be more easily absorbed to provide hydration within your cells.

Remember how refreshing it is to eat watermelon on a hot summer’s day? Your cells experience the same effect when you consume a high-fruit diet.

You will never achieve the same level of cellular hydration by drinking water. In fact, drinking too much water can sometimes have a detrimental effect, especially if you have weak kidneys. Conversely consuming a diet rich in fruits can dramatically enhance kidney function, which is absolutely vital for the elimination of toxins.

Cleansing The Lymphatic System

Fruits also have a special affinity to cleanse the lymphatic system due to their high content of astringent substances.

Your lymphatic system affects every organ and cell in your body. When the lymphatic function is compromised the lymph fluid becomes more viscous and sluggish. This stagnant lymph is full of toxic waste which can be stored for a long time and becomes an ideal environment for illness. Resolving lymphatic stagnation is one of the keys to cleansing and rejuvenation.

The astringent compounds in fruit stimulate stagnant lymph and draw out toxins. Simultaneously, fruits enhance kidney function to assist in the elimination of these toxins once they are mobilized.

Most fruits have some astringent properties. Some of the most powerful fruits for a detox diet include lemon, grapes, and watermelons. This is why a grape fast, watermelon diet or lemon cleanse is often recommended as you progress with your detox.

These protocols can be very aggressive so are not ideal at the beginning of your healing journey. However, they can help you get to the next level by facilitating a deeper cleansing experience.

How to Transition to a Raw Food Diet

In most cases, I recommend a gradual transition to give you time to adjust to a new way of eating. This also reduces your experience of detox symptoms – sometimes referred to as the “healing crisis” – that can occur when toxins are eliminated too rapidly. Slowly upgrading your diet can make the process a lot more comfortable while ensuring your long-term success.

You can start by adopting a whole-foods plant-based diet then gradually increase your intake of raw foods. Ideally, work towards at least 80 percent raw foods as soon as you are able. Even more powerful results will be experienced if you can shift to a 100 percent raw food diet.

If your goal is detoxification your diet should focus on fresh fruit and raw vegetable salads with smaller amounts of cooked vegetables during the transition. One of the first steps is to eat only fruit for breakfast because this allows your body to continue cleansing from the overnight fast.

Be very cautious with nuts, seeds, oils, and gourmet raw food recipes. These foods can be very difficult to digest and can hinder your ability to cleanse your body.

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Botanical Herbs Enhance Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration

Eating a raw food diet can produce remarkable improvements in health. However, it can often take a very long time to overcome chronic health issues with diet alone.

For this reason, it is highly beneficial to incorporate medicinal herbs into your cleansing and detox regime. Herbs have unique properties that dramatically enhance the activity of specific areas of the body. They restore the optimal function of organs and glands and assist in the eradication of parasites, candida, bacteria, and viruses.

It may be possible to overcome minor to moderate health problems without using herbal medicines. This would require very strict adherence to a raw food diet combined with multiple intermittent or longer periods of fasting in order to detoxify to a sufficient level.

However, healing occurs much more rapidly when herbs are added to the raw food detox diet. For those with serious and chronic health issues the use of medicinal herbs – such as in the Deep Tissue Cleanse program – can be regarded as essential.

The Detox Lifestyle

Detox diets that promise to cleanse your body in just days – or even weeks – are not based in reality. Unfortunately, it just isn’t possible to detox decades of an unhealthy lifestyle in such a short time. Even if it were, the toxic exposure would be too much of a shock for your body to endure.

If you are serious about reclaiming your health I invite you to embrace detoxification as a way of life. With consistency and dedication, you will gradually and systematically achieve higher levels of health and vitality, which will ultimately support you to experience a long, happy, and fulfilling life.

The Deep Tissue Cleanse

This 14-week program combines the health benefits of a raw food diet with a herbal detox.

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