Raw Vegan Sushi

Grab your chopsticks! Laura-Miller shows you how to make raw vegan sushi. This raw vegan version can help satisfy your cravings for sushi and is also beneficial for your health.

Fiesta Lettuce Wraps

This raw food recipe is like a healthy version of Mexican tacos. It is perfect for a raw food detox diet because it offers so much flavor while supporting you to cleanse your body.

Raw Zucchini Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce

In this recipe zucchini noodles substitute for regular pasta and the raw marinara sauce is bursting with so much fresh flavor that you will probably prefer it over the cooked version.

Raw Pad Thai Noodles

Just about everyone loves Pad Thai. Here is a healthier raw food version of this favorite Thai dish.

Mexican Seasoned Cabbage

A warming detox diet recipe that can help you in the process of adjusting to a higher intake of raw foods – or to slow down the detox process.

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