Quick & Easy Guacamole

Everyone doing the raw food detox lifestyle needs to know how to make guacamole. This is a super easy, super tasty recipe you will love!

Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Wakame Salad)

A refreshing salad to awaken your appetite. It offers a range of health benefits from sea vegetables including supporting thyroid health and enhancing the mineral content of your diet.

Creamy Cashew & Basil Cheese

One of the things many people often miss when switching to a vegan diet is cheese. Here is a recipe for a rich and tasty “cheese” made with nuts.

Mango Pineapple Salsa

Try this fresh and lively salsa that is perfect for a quick and easy summer raw food lunch or as an appetizer for healthy entertaining.

Cilantro Chimichurri Sauce

Discover this unique twist on the classic Argentinian sauce using cilantro and sacha inchi oil for an omega-3 boost.

Real Mexican Guacamole

It was great to see the positive responses to my Mango Spirulina Pudding, so today I thought I’d share with…

Low Fat Guacamole

Almost everyone loves guacamole but unfortunately, because it is so delicious, it can be hard to eat only a small…

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