Detoxification – a Path to Health on a Fruitarian Diet

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Detoxification or detox is the process of removal of toxic substances from a living organism and additionally can refer to the period of withdrawal during which an organism returns to homeostasis after long-term use of an addictive substance.

Detoxification can occur in many different forms including but not limited to acne breakouts, low energy, headaches, cold sores, mouth sores, diarrhea, high fever, all sorts of temporary skin rashes, coated tongue, mucus discharge through the nose, mouth or eyes, irritability, cold symptoms, etc.

Detoxification sometimes manifests as an auto-intoxication, caused by poisoning one’s body with internally released toxins as a result of insufficient food intake. In this case, the body is breaking down massive amounts of body fat for fuel and therefore toxins stored in the fat are being released too quickly.

You can’t eat a diet that is “too clean” — this is a myth. But you can under-eat and therefore start experiencing constant “detox” symptoms and low energy. If you are convinced that you need to detoxify, go on a cleanse under proper supervision, otherwise — eat enough to support your lifestyle and goals.

Try not to sabotage your detoxification attempts by going back to foods that you are trying to detoxify from.

When you make a big change in your diet — expect some adverse reactions, stick with it, and have faith from other people’s experiences that it will get better.


  1. Been doing a lemon aid and goji berry fast. for 3 days now.

    The first day Was lemon aid and Goji berries as my food/medicine. Started small not much was eaten but later in the day started adding herbal tincture – Feverfew. as my body was starting to want more things as the day progressed. In more quantity as well.
    As the Day progress I could drink and eat more and more lemon aid and goji berries. Which I did. Which super charged my spirit.
    Did some exercise threw out the day. And cleaning.

    And as the day progress further – I added 2 tinctures along with the feverfew. – Reishi Mushroom -Double extraction tincture and a Cannabis flower enhanced with tonic herbs, The tonic In the tincture were Schizandra berries (Jing,Qi,Shen), Ashwagandha (Qi), Eleuthero (Qi), cordyceps mushroom (yin/yang Jing, Qi) , chaga mushroom (Qi), Eucommia leaf (Yin/yang Jing), lemon peel, orange peel, He shou wu (Blood and yin jing), Goji berry (Yin jing and Blood Tonic) And Top Grade sweet Gynostemma (Qi Tonic).

    Second day Was no food just lemon aid mixed with Tonic teas.
    This day I wanted nothing and Was surprised how easy the day turned out to be! – I exercise daily. although the lack of food kept training to comfortable levels never exerting myself past the comfort zone.

    Today is the 3rd day. -Eating Goji berries and lemon aid in the morning and now I stopped with the lemons and am just drinking tonic teas. Goji berries are being tampered off as well.

    I want bread though! I will try and maybe for supper eat a salad – only got lettuce, broccoli and carrots with olive oil and salt, spices. – this will hopefully repel the bread attack. – Maybe on the fourth day I will eat thoes two last peices of organic sprouted bread. because I know it is best to listen to your body then to rigidly stick to your goals.

    one peice of advice if you are haveing a craving it is best to spare yourself the stress and indulge intelligently. the stress could be more harmful than the actual craving.

    With that I leave and I leave with thanks.

  2. Indeed Stopped all bread craving with that salad! Also was lucky to have some organic celery come in just as I was Making it! 🙂
    All ingredients were organic -except the lettuce.

    Broccoli and carrots increase the absorbtion of vitamin c.
    Celery, Carrot, broccoli and Lemon all help with detox.

  3. You would probably avoid all cravings by eating a fruit diet, which is very effective for detox, and is what the subject of the video is about. Because you were under-eating and low in calories that is what causes the cravings. Eating enough fruit avoids this and allows you to continue cleansing for a much longer period. Fruit is also the best food to break a fast with as it is gentle on your digestive system, and is hydrating and alkalizing.

    In the case of bread it isn’t really good to listen to your body cravings, since bread has so many potential negative effects and would essentially negate all the benefits of your fast. It is true that stress has negative effects and if you should go at a pace that is comfortable.

    But your body is not indicating a biological need for bread but for carbohydrates. This would be better satisfied by eating fresh fruit. Bread is acid-forming, even when sprouted, and gluten causes reactions for a lot of people even though they are not aware of it. It also has the tendency to cause constipation especially after a fast.

    After a fast you want to continue the benefits of the work you’ve done and fresh fruit is the ideal food in this case. Following that after a couple of fruit meals you could then progress to salads, cooked vegetables and if you really need it baked sweet potato or winter squash. This should satisfy any bread cravings if you are still having them.

  4. Yes I agree. Thanks for the reply I appreciate it. 🙂 It speaks the truth to what I’ve experienced as well.

    I didnt have anything else on hand as others have done the groceries and for some reason they are against fruit. I feel frustrated at times when I repeat myself like a broken record – Fruit, Fruit , Fruit. and no change away from man-made draining foods. (it reminds me of your last post the fountain of youth)

    Fruit are all I buy when I have money. I dont even buy veg. (I grew some in summer) Although others tend to get some veg and dont use it so I do.

    Bread indeed has many negative side effects – One I notice often is drain in body electricity. I dont like bread but It is a go to when fruit and veg are gone and I’m hungry.

    Canada is expensive place to live $1.50 – $2 an orange! Its about 100$ a week for 1 person buying fruit. But its the only food worth buying and indeed You have no cravings for dead food infact when food runs out Id rather not eat as eating dead food drains my reserves more than not eating. This is how many people are becoming so sick these days.

  5. Hi there, I’m really interested in doing a cleanse, and eat raw for a while then mostly raw . During summer time I was drinking/eating big smoothie bowls and often times I’ve felt really light headed after I’ve had them( I became vegan in May 2017 and started to eat more fruit around june/July). Also I’ve finally gained weight (as I was restricting calories and overexcising in the past for 1,5 years – I also lost my period and not having it since September 2016). Also I finally have energy, and can exercise again, but not overdoing it of course. I’m just worried about having enough fats and protein during the detox or on the raw vegan diet, and I’m worried of feeling bad again (lack of energy, irritated, depressed, sleepy all the time, etc.). And coming from an eating disorder I’m concerned about eating raw could be some sort of restriction again (as I wouldn’t eat what others eat around me – I mean my vegan brother and vegetarian fiancé). I hope this makes sense. Thank you if you respond! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Gabi, Firstly I would ask what are your goals? What is the reason why you want to do a cleanse?
      If you are concerned about socializing or the effects of restricting you can certainly eat a cleansing and healing diet without the need to go a hundred percent raw. In many cases it is much easier to do this while including some healthy cooked foods like steamed or grilled veggies, and you will still get a really effective cleanse.
      As a former eating disorder sufferer I understand completely about your concern about restricting. Ideally you want to continue to stay balanced and this would include avoiding stress around meals. Being rigid about staying raw might not be the best approach. Unless you have a serious or chronic health concern you want to address it might not be necessary to go fully raw. Just a balanced whole foods plant-based diet may be enough if you are just looking at improving your general health.
      Smoothie bowls are delicious but not always the best choice especially if they combine fruit and fat together. This combination can cause issues with blood glucose regulation due to the way that a high sugar and high fat diet affects insulin function in the body. Much better to eat fruits alone, ideally for breakfast, then eat the fats with salad or veggies later in the day.

  6. Day 4 transitioning off of SAD diet. Day 2 only fruits. Been dizzy and lightheaded everyday. Is this normal? I feel like I’m eating enough fruits. Thanks

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