11 Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Ideas for New Years Day

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What better way to enjoy the first day of a new year than with a healthy raw food breakfast.

Try one of these delicious options to start the year on the right track.

1. Apple Raisin Bagels

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This is one of the most popular recipes on the website and they really do taste a lot like the real thing.

Recipe here: Apple Raisin Bagels

2. Pecan Banana Pancakes


Yes you can eat pancakes on a raw food diet!

Recipe here: Pecan Banana Pancakes

3. Mango Breakfast Cobbler


You might think of this as a dessert but this recipe fits all the requirements of a healthy raw vegan breakfast.

Recipe here: Mango Breakfast Cobbler

4. Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding


Try this invigorating twist on a raw vegan favorite.

Recipe here: Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding

5. Raw Buckwheat Breakfast Porridge


This is a satisfying and creamy oatmeal alternative that is much more delicious and no cooking required!

Recipe here: Raw Buckwheat Breakfast Porridge

6. Raspberry-Mint Lemonade Fruit Salad with Avocado


This interesting and flavorful breakfast salad will get you off to a great start.

Recipe here: Raspberry-Mint Lemonade Fruit Salad with Avocado

7. Luscious Lime Pudding


Begin your day with this creamy pudding full of healthy fats from avocado, coconut and chia.

Recipe here: Luscious Lime Pudding

8. Raw Pizza with Buckwheat Crust


Breakfast of champions! If you are craving something hearty and savory, this is sure to satisfy.

Recipe here: Raw Pizza with Buckwheat Crust

9. Serrano Pineapple-Papaya Chia Smoothie


Prefer to start the day with something lighter? This smoothie will give you a healthy kick-start to the new year.

Recipe here: Serrano Pineapple-Papaya Chia Smoothie

10. Acai Bowl


An acai bowl is a Brazilian treat that is basically a really thick smoothie topped with fruit and granola.

Recipe here: Acai Bowl

11. Happy Shake


Here’s something for the chocaholics. This tastes like a delicious dessert, yet it’s full of healthy superfoods like raw chocolate, spinach, berries, and maca.

Recipe here: Happy Shake

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