Detoxification and Healing with Markus Rothkranz

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I recently had the opportunity to interview Markus Rothkranz, a raw food enthusiast who has inspired people all over the world to transform their lives by using simple core laws of nature we inherently all know are true.

In this article, he shares advice on how to succeed on the raw food diet, recommended techniques for detoxification and healing, as well as some of his favorite living foods for maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.

How did you become involved in the raw food lifestyle?

I wasn’t born healthy, I almost died when I was four. Although, I had prior struggles with health it really wasn’t until years ago I realized the profound effect raw foods have on your life. I was unhappy with my life. My job, my money situation I gave it all away. I took my clothes off and went into the desert and literally had forty days alone not knowing if I’d make it back alive.

What I learned out there in the desert was I had all the food I needed. I could survive off plants and raw food provided straight from the earth. This experience changed my life and committed me to a lifetime of raw veganism.

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What elements do you attribute to your long-term success with this lifestyle?

Not being too extreme and having fun with life itself. Too many people become so extreme with their lifestyles they actually decrease their own health with stress, worry, etc. I don’t stop going out to restaurants just because they aren’t vegan friendly. I demonstrate in this video how to eat healthy when going out to any restaurant. I enjoy being raw vegan and it’s much more sustainable. But the real motivating factor is how I feel and look. At 55 I feel better and more alive than when I was 25!

What common mistakes may stop someone from receiving the potential benefits of a raw food diet?

That’s why I wrote my book “Heal Yourself 101” to outline the basic same mistakes people make. The main one is everyone naturally always goes for the sweet stuff and “comfort” versions. It’s all fruit, fruit juice, honey, agave, sweet smoothies, sweet desserts, etc., and not a lot of greens or bitter stuff which is what we need more of to really be healthy.

Fruit juice, for example, is highly concentrated sugar and out of balance. We need that fiber! Fiber is the main food source of probiotics, which is 90 percent of our immune system. That’s why I recommend blending over juicing.

How important is detoxification for those wishing to heal chronic illness?

Super important! When you are trying to heal something you have to be 100% or your body will be in defense mode and your body will not be able to heal properly. You need to be in the letting go mode, not in the tense mode. You have to be eating uncooked, raw plants. While detoxing, it helps to do enemas, juice fasting, green juice fasting, water fasting, and a raw vegan vegetarian diet.

Do you recommend any specific techniques for cleansing the body?

Enemas are a great way to cleanse the body! Water is the universal solvent and with enough time can help cleanse away the body’s debris. I also recommend a parasite cleanse every three months. You need powerful herbs to blast parasites, shred them to bits, and kill them.

Can you tell us more about some of your favorite healing foods?

I love apple cider vinegar, it contains over ninety different healthy substances!

Also, pineapple – Pineapple has powerful enzymes that digest protein, like bromelain. Pineapple is an all-natural sweetener fruit high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients. Include it in your salads, meals, desserts, drinks, and smoothies!

Healthy fats are also great, do not raise insulin and they give you enough energy for a long time so you don’t get hungry between meals and snacks. Examples of healthy fats I like are avocados, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, etc.

Do you have any other advice for those who want to heal using natural methods?

Yes, there are so many methods to help. I recommend visiting my YouTube channel for more ideas.

Don’t get caught up in the hype of certain trends (for example Himalayan sea salt, alkaline water, etc.) and follow tried and true methods. Don’t look at the diet change discomfort as bad, it is only short term discomfort for a long term gain. : )

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