Green Smoothies: 66 Recipes and a 7-Day Detox Plan

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Green smoothie and juice enthusiasts will love this new book by food stylist and chef Fern Green. It not only contains a collection of interesting green smoothie recipes but also a variety of ideas for fresh juices, nut milks, and elixirs.

Smoothies and juices are both fantastic for you. This book offers helpful hints for including more green drinks into your daily routine. It also includes a 7-day detox plan.

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Of the recipes, there is about a 50/50 balance between juices and smoothies, with a small number of tonics and nut milks. The book is beautifully photographed and for each recipe, you can see exactly what goes into it and what the finished drink will look like. I really appreciated the graphic appeal of the book and being able to visually see the fruit and greens rather than just viewing them as a list of ingredients.


Each recipe is classified into various degrees of sweet and savory. For example, sweet, slightly sweet, slightly savory, savory, or savory spice. Most green smoothie books tend to focus on sweet recipes but this book includes many ideas for savory smoothies as well.

Another great feature is that the health benefits for each smoothie are explained. This allows you to choose the recipes based on your own specific health situation or objectives.

Even though I already have a few books on green smoothies I regard this as a valuable addition. It gave me inspiration for creating green smoothies – especially savory ones. The visual component is fabulous making this a very user-friendly recipe book. If you want to add more raw fruit and vegetables to your diet this book could help you in your personal health transformation.

Green Smoothies is available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.

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