Lujan Matus Talks About Conscious Eating

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Photo courtesy of Marcp_Dmoz
Photo courtesy of Marcp_Dmoz

Be within your heart. See and feel with your heart. Recognize your heart within another. Speak words from the heart. Receive the words of another within those precious chambers.

Lujan Matus

As the adage goes, you are what you eat. In respect to the quote above, consumption obviously occurs on many different levels. When your bioelectromagnetic field is clear, personal frequencies rise. This occurs through, not only having wholesome intentions and the interlinking with the consumption of nourishing superfoods, accompanied by raw cuisine.

The love in my heart expands when I love myself, through the expression of connectivity, through the foods I eat, bound ultimately to the earth as its origin. When I love myself, an abundance reaches out as a mirror to see this heart within another as a mere reflection of that all-pervasive unity that we exist within.

As the new year approaches, be determined and move with haste, without hurrying, towards your ultimate spirituality that is grounded in an abundance of practicality.

If you are interested in exploring the works of Lujan Matus, a practitioner of raw food living, visit his website Parallel Perception.

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