Better Sex With Raw Foods!

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Yes, that’s right, a raw food diet consisting of simply raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, is the little known secret to a healthier and happier sex life!

A diet of raw foods gives you radiant health, cleansing you from the inside out. Some of the reasons people lack confidence and enjoyment during sex, are lack of libido due to hormonal imbalance, illness, and toxicity, carrying excess weight and cellulite, and unpleasant body odors. The fact of the matter is that none of these conditions are normal, and all are in most cases completely reversible, often within a short period of time after switching to a predominantly raw food diet.

Raw Foods Increase Libido

Loss of interest in sex affects 20% of the adult population at any given time. Common causes are stress, hormone imbalance, and psychological factors. Raw foods can be the answer to low libido woes! With the elimination of toxic foods such as dairy and meat, which contain hormones and can throw off the body’s natural chemistry, and the addition of high-nutrient vibrant raw foods, the body is given the opportunity to come back into balance. Additionally, certain raw foods are known to act as natural aphrodisiacs.

Figs and olives in particular have been revered throughout history for their stimulant properties. Also increasing in popularity today is raw cacao. Raw Cacao is chocolate in its natural form and is much more health-promoting and potent that the typical form of cooked and processed chocolate that is generally eaten. This super-food contains high levels of Arginine, an amino acid with aphrodisiac qualities. Additionally, it contains PEA, the chemical released in the brain when we are in Love!

Another potent libido food is Maca. And adaptogen, Maca root balances hormonal levels for men and women, helping with libido, fertility, and the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

And do not forget the “King of Fruit” – the Durian! This colossal fruit is known for its potent scent. Either you love or hate this one, but if you ask me it tastes like vanilla custard! A super-high protein food loaded with tryptophan, durian skyrockets serotonin levels and has been used throughout history to enhance libido.

Raw Foods are Nature’s Lubricant

A huge concern for many women during sex is vaginal dryness, a symptom that may be alleviated by providing the body with proper hydration and healthy fats. Typical foods such as grains, cereal, dairy, meat, and salt cause the body’s cells to become dehydrated, thus requiring even more than the typical recommended daily intake of 8 glasses of water per day.

Water alone cannot provide the type of hydration that we need, and consuming foods that are high in natural living water, and electrolytes is the key to maintaining healthy hydration. Oils are also a source of natural lubrication. Healthy fats are derived from avocadoes, olive, coconuts, and seeds. Removing unhealthy fats and adding these healthy (and delicious) fats to the diet will help to lubricate the body inside and out!

Raw Foods Make You Beautiful and Confident

Hands down, confidence, and beauty are just plain sexy, and raw foods will give you more of both! One of the widely-experienced effects of switching to a raw food diet is the shedding of all excess weight. On a raw food diet, the body will stabilize at a healthy weight, and the spare tire that holds many people back from feeling comfortable in their bodies is easily eliminated.

Among the other benefits of eating raw food are shiny hair, healthy nails, clear glowing complexion, lean muscle, soft skin, and increased energy. All of these factors add up to a radiant inner and outer beauty and a sexy new you! The increased confidence and health experienced on a raw food diet lead to greater ease attracting and keeping a partner and more enjoyment in intimacy.

Chocolate Love Smoothie:

2 tbsp raw cacao powder
2 durian pods (available at an Asian food market!)
1/4 cup raw honey
1 tbsp maca powder
1 cup hemp milk

In conclusion, raw foods indeed may be the answer to rev up your sex life by balancing and rejuvenating your body inside and out. However, be sure not to forget the other aspects of a healthy sexual life. Most importantly, respect and love for both people involved is key to a positive sexual encounter. In other words, disconnected sex may bring you fleeting pleasure, but in the long run can be harmful to you, the other individual, and the health of the planet. Not enough can be said for waiting for the right partner and connecting for the right reasons – Pure Love!


  1. what is durian pods? can it be brought overseas? i miss fresh durian. and a friend might bring it over from nyc?

    1. Durian pods are just the individual segments of fresh durian. You might be able to find frozen durian in an Asian store. Sometimes they are okay and will probably be pretty good in a smoothie if you find a good one.

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