Teresa’s Juicery, Barcelona

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We’ve been in Barcelona for a few days now and were excited to discover Teresa’s Juicery, just minutes away from our apartment. Right away this became our favorite place and we’ve been visiting every day for some healthy refueling since we arrived.

Here all the juices are cold-pressed, raw, and organic wherever possible. They also do a variety of healthy raw smoothies and nut milk. One unique beverage is the Horchata, which is made from tiger nuts. Interestingly tiger nuts are actually not a nut. They are a root vegetable that is rich in healthy fats and minerals and prebiotics, which feed the healthy intestinal bacteria.

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Our first choice was the Green Medicine – an invigorating combination of pear, grape, cucumber, kale, parsley, lemon, and dandelion greens. It was really delicious and the greens were balanced nicely with the sweet fruits and lemon.

I also tried the Housemade Naranjada – which translates as orangeaid – containing orange juice, ginger, agave and chia seeds. This one was really light and refreshing and the chia provided an interesting textural element.

Another favorite was the Virus Killer, containing pear, lemon, ginger, honey, echinacea, thyme, maria luisa (lemon balm), and rock tea – Jasonia Glutinosa – a traditional herb used to treat digestive problems.  This was a great discovery for boosting immunity after the long flight from Cambodia.


If you prefer a more savory blend the Ensalada On The Go is really satisfying. This is basically a gazpacho consisting of a puree of tomato, red pepper, cucumber, carrot, nutritional yeast, olive oil, Himalayan salt, cumin, garlic, and onion powder.


Teresa’s Juicery is located inside a flexitarian restaurant called Flax & Kale. Eighty percent of the menu is plant-based and they provide a selection of interesting raw offerings as well.

It really was a great find in a city where it isn’t always easy to access healthy vegetarian food. This has also become our favorite place to eat so I’ll be posting more very soon about some of the delicious raw and vegan meals we’ve been enjoying here in Barcelona.


  1. Wow i checked out teresas juicery online and they have so many drinks all of them look like theyl need to be given a try.
    Is it just in barcelona that its for sale? do stores carry these drinks?

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