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The Sakara Life Level II Detox builds on their philosophy of food as medicine introduced in their Signature Meal Plan and Clean Boutique Products. It is a whole-food cleanse that temporarily eliminates common inflammatory triggers while nourishing your body with potent plant-based nutrition.

If you’re familiar with my story, you will know that I’ve done many different detox diets over the years. Cleansing has been a fundamental tool in my process of healing from Lyme disease and coinfections. From juice fasting to mono fruit cleanses, green smoothies, and the raw food diet, every method I’ve tried has its advantages, as well as potential drawbacks. There isn’t one perfect way to cleanse. Various techniques may be more appropriate for each individual and at different stages in your healing journey.

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What is the Sakara Life Level II Detox?

One of the protocols I’ve undertaken more recently is the Level II Detox from Sakara Life. This five-day program contrasts significantly with the predominantly raw and fruit-based cleansing diets that have been at the foundation of my approach to detoxification for the last fifteen years. It is a whole food cleanse created in conjunction with functional medicine doctor Aviva Romm M.D. and is modeled after the elimination diets she prescribes for her patients.

This plant-based detox program works by eliminating the primary inflammatory triggers, including caffeine, alcohol, gluten, grains, dairy, meat, eggs, sugar, soy, nuts, and nightshades. Omitting these foods from your diet can reverse a chronic state of stress, reset your cortisol levels, and reboot your immune, nervous and digestive systems. Avoiding these foods for a time may also reveal food sensitivities you didn’t even know you had.

It also incorporates the principle of intermittent fasting to heal the digestive system and restore metabolism. Additionally, the program includes medical-grade nutritional supplements to support detoxification.

This 5-day deep clean will reset your hormones, metabolism, detoxification processes, and immunity and heal widespread inflammation so that you can go back to living in a body that fuels your day-to-day life instead of holding you back.

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A Nourishing Way To Cleanse

One of the major things that distinguish this program from many other detox diets is the complete elimination of sugar, including fruit. This can make it more appropriate for those dealing with candida, Lyme disease, and parasites. When there is an overgrowth of pathogens, a high sugar diet can often exacerbate the symptoms. If you’ve tried juice fasting or a fruit-based diet and felt much worse, this could potentially be an underlying factor.

This detox program includes primarily cooked foods, which can be gentler when you have a sensitive digestive system. It’s also a good cleanse to do when it’s cold outside, and a raw food diet may not feel intuitive. I’ve done this protocol a few times already, and I especially enjoy it during the cooler months, as the majority of the meals are warm and comforting.

Compared to something like juice fasting or a mono fruit diet, this program is relatively moderate, in that you will still be consuming two meals each day, in addition to probiotic coconut kefir and a healing medicinal broth. However, it is still quite challenging, and you will definitely feel a sense of achievement once it is completed.

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Lymphatic System Cleansing and Hydration

Daily skin brushing is another aspect of this program, which stimulates the lymphatic system, assisting it in removing toxins from the body. Additionally, dry skin brushing unclogs your pores and helps your skin absorb and retain moisture, which can improve overall elasticity. It’s not easy to find good quality skin brushes, and the one included in this program is the best I’ve ever used.

Hydration is an essential factor in cleansing, so each morning begins with Beauty Water drops. This formula provides 72 naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals that work to alkalize and balance the body’s pH. It also helps replenish the correct balance of electrolytes that may be flushed out as your body eliminates excess water while in ketosis. 

You will also drink digestive tea in the morning and afternoon – a unique herbal blend designed to reduce bloat and bring balance to your liver and digestive system. I discovered this tea the first time I did the Level II Detox and loved it so much that I began to drink it almost every day since I really feel the benefits for my digestion. 

Last thing in the evening you will add Detox Drops to a glass of water, to ensure you are hydrated before you go to bed. This is a concentrated source of liquid chlorophyll, that offers benefits for digestion, immunity, and liver function.


What’s On The Sakara Life Detox Menu?

The first three days are designed to start the detoxification process by gently easing your body in. Both breakfast and lunch consist of a whole food vegetable-based meal. Breakfast may be Root Veggie Detox, Cinnamon Chia Detox Parfait, or Magic Mushroom Detox. Lunch options include Purifying Cabbage Dumplings with Healing Galangal Broth, Zucchini and Jicama Noodles with Superfood Falafels (my favorite), or Rainbow Kitchari with Chia Tortillas.

Every afternoon you will enjoy an electrolyte-rich Probiotic Coconut Kefir for a pick-me-up. It quickly became the time of day I looked forward to the most, and it reminds me of the coconut shakes in Thailand. This drink provides mineral-rich hydration and medium-chain fatty acids, which are rapidly absorbed by the body and used as energy, boosting metabolism. It also contains 20 billion beneficial bacteria plus prebiotic fiber to nourish your microbiome. And it’s simply delicious!

You will end each day with a Healing Medicinal Broth, a nourishing blend of medicinal mushrooms, healing spices, traditional herbs, and MCT oil. This formula activates the liver to support deep detoxification, repairs the gut lining, calms inflammation, and reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It also helps your body enter into ketosis through intermittent fasting, which can encourage weight loss, boost energy, and promote brain health.


A Liquid Diet For Healing

Day Four is a liquid-only diet designed to remediate digestive stress to promote ultimate healing. On this day, you will consume two blended green drinks, one Probiotic Coconut Kefir, Alkalizing Carrot Ginger Soup (so comforting), and a Healing Medicinal Broth. While fasting on liquids and throughout this entire cleanse, I always feel there is enough nourishment to maintain my energy and balance. And because all high-glycemic sugars and grains are eliminated, I don’t experience extreme fluctuations in energy levels that were a significant obstacle on other cleanses, especially while fasting on watermelon.

Day five resembles the first few days, as solid food is reintroduced again. At this stage, you will notice how satisfied you feel after eating a superfood-rich, wholefood meal. This day feels like a feast! Breakfast is Sunshine Squash Protein Frittata, and lunch is a Cauliflower and White Bean Burger. Coconut kefir is the afternoon snack, but instead of ending the day with broth, you will enjoy a Detox Macro Bowl for dinner.

After The Sakara Life Level II Detox

On the first day after the program ends, you can begin to slowly reintroduce the eliminated foods. Still, it’s essential to be particularly mindful of sugar and caffeine as you will likely be much more sensitive to their effects. Ideally, adhere to a clean plant-based diet for at least seven days after the detox. To make the transition easy and maximize the benefits, you could follow up with a week on the Sakara Signature Meal Plan.

Sakara claims that 98% of participants report life-changing results, including reduced bloat, increased focus, boosted energy, clearer skin, and reduced excess weight. Personally, I’ve noticed a greater sense of calm, improved digestion, elimination of sweet cravings, and a generally enhanced sense of wellbeing that lasted for quite a while after the program ended.

This has become one of my preferred ways to cleanse and I plan to undertake it regularly as part of my healing protocol – especially in the winter and early spring. If you’re looking for a detox program to reset your body that is based on proven functional medicine principles then I highly recommend the Sakara Life Level II Detox.

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