The Truth About Protein

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One of the greatest misconceptions related to raw and vegan diets is that it is difficult to get enough protein when in actuality this is far from the case.

There can be situations where those on a raw vegan diet may have an inadequate protein intake and I have written about this in my book. But on the whole, the protein issue is very misunderstood and the majority of plant-based eaters have no problems getting enough.

The video below provides some very good information about this subject. It may help to clear up some of the misconceptions you might have about protein and vegan diets. Additionally it will probably increase your understanding of some of the finer points about how your body makes use of protein from the foods you eat.

This video is fairly long but if you are looking for some clarity on this topic, for your own peace of mind, or to explain your dietary choices to others, you will find it a valuable investment of your time.


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