Cleanse and Detox with Juice Fasting, Green Smoothies and Superfoods

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While there are many different methods we can use to detoxify our bodies, superfood juice cleansing is associated with a variety of benefits and will result in much better outcomes than generally occurs with other detox programs. In particular, water fasting has a number of drawbacks that can potentially limit the effectiveness of a cleanse.

Cleanse The Colon

Firstly, when the only thing we ingest is water, the colon does not eliminate waste products effectively and adequately, and these are reabsorbed into our bloodstream. By incorporating the use of a superfood powder containing ingredients such as healing mucilaginous fibers, charcoal, and zeolite, toxins in the colon are neutralized and contained. To ensure that these wastes are then eliminated from the body we can use Intestinal Movement Formula, which gently stimulates the colon without resulting in dependency, as is the case with other laxative herbs.

During water fasting toxins are released from the tissues of the body into the bloodstream at a very rapid rate, which often can overwhelm our organs of detoxification. Adding fresh-squeezed juices to a cleanse can help to control this by providing calories and slowing the rate at which toxins are liberated from fat storage. Juices also provide minerals that have an alkalizing effect that helps to buffer the acidic condition that tends to occur during water fasting.

Additionally, juices are rich in antioxidant compounds that can offset the damage that occurs to our cells when the tissues of our body are exposed to higher levels of toxins. Furthermore, juices can supply specific phytochemicals and other substances that actually improve the liver’s ability to detoxify effectively.

Alkalizing Minerals

For best results ensure your juice ingredients are organic and that you include a significant amount of green leafy vegetables to provide alkaline minerals and to keep blood sugar levels stable. Vitamineral Green would be a wonderful addition to a juice fast because it provides a wider variety of greens than is generally available in our diet, and is also a concentrated source of chlorophyll; a powerful toxin-neutralizing compound.

Green smoothies can be utilized in addition to or in place of fresh juices and this is a more gentle option that is appropriate for those with blood sugar issues. The detox process may be slower with green smoothies but the results can be just as effective, especially if extended for several weeks. The other advantage of this approach is that it is much easier to maintain your work routine and other activities as most people find that it is much easier to sustain energy levels on green smoothies in comparison to juice fasting.

Enhance Detox

Other superfoods can be added to the juice or green smoothie cleansing protocol to provide extra antioxidants and to enhance the function of the organs of elimination, especially the liver. Liver Rescue in particular supports liver function and this can greatly assist with the management of the uncomfortable detox symptoms that are often associated with a cleanse. Additional superfoods to consider that also enhance this aspect of the detox process include turmeric, broccoli sprouts, and pomegranate powder.

Another benefit of green juices and Vitamineral Green for detoxification is that they provide protein. You might be surprised to learn that many of the pathways involved in neutralizing toxins require amino acid precursors, so if the protein is not supplied in the diet, this could potentially reduce the effectiveness of your detox. For this reason, you may also choose to include raw vegan protein powders in your cleanse, such as Warrior Food, to meet the requirement for extra protein.

Blue-Green Algae

Spirulina and chlorella would also be valuable additions to a superfood juice cleanse for their high protein content as well as for their high content of minerals and chlorophyll. Spirulina and blue-green algae may also be considered due to their phycocyanin content, which improves the function of some other very important elimination organs; the kidneys.

Another helpful superfood product to include in a juice fast or green smoothie cleanse is Vitamineral Earth (no longer available), primarily because it has a balancing effect. Whenever we abstain from solid foods or reduce our calories we have a tendency to become ungrounded, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Vitamineral Earth contains herbs and superfoods that counteract this effect, especially when it is prepared as a warming broth, which would be particularly appropriate when cleansing during cooler weather.

Additionally, Vitamineral Earth provides essential omega-3 fats in the form of sprouted chia and flax seeds, which can reduce the inflammatory response that occurs in our cells whenever they are exposed to a high level of toxins. This element is especially important when a detox program is extended beyond a week or so, to ensure that your intake of essential fats is adequate.

Detox Lifestyle

Finally, while we can do a great deal to improve the function of our elimination organs with superfoods, it is also important to recognize the other ways that we can support the cleansing process. Simple lifestyle activities such as walking, yoga, breathing, and meditation can promote the removal of toxins via the lungs and lymphatic system. But they can also improve our emotional balance and ability to manage stress, which ultimately facilitates the flow of energy through our physical body, which will greatly enhance the outcome of any cleansing protocol.

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