Diabetes and the Raw Food Diet

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Unlike some prominent nutrition experts, I do not believe that eating fruit can cause diabetes. However, in someone where diabetes is already established, it may be necessary to monitor how the body reacts to fruit and adjust the diet accordingly.

There are two basic nutritional approaches to the treatment of diabetes. The first is the one that is taken by many experts in the field such as Dean Ornish, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr.Joel Furhman and involves limiting the fat intake of the diet. Doug Graham promotes a raw food version of this dietary approach in his book The 80/10/10 Diet

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. Many people are reportedly doing well on this type of diet even though it contains quite a lot of fruit.

The other approach is to limit carbohydrates while emphasizing those that have a low glycemic index and replacing saturated fats in the diet with monounsaturated fats. Some diabetics respond better to this way of eating and find that their blood lipid profiles improve when carbohydrate intake is limited.

Gabriel Cousins has taken this second approach one step further and claims that he has discovered a cure for diabetes with his low fruit version of the raw food diet. In a trial of the diet with a small group of diabetics, all of them were able to stop taking insulin within a week on the diet.

Obviously this is a very exciting development but whether it is a lasting cure is yet to be determined. After several months on the diet, these individuals must still carefully monitor their intake of fruit so as to avoid blood sugar imbalances.

If you are interested in learning more about how to cure diabetes with a raw food diet I recommend that you read Gabriel Cousins’ Book There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+Program.

If you have experienced success with managing diabetes with a raw food diet I would love to hear about what has worked for you.


  1. Great article. I have type 2 diabetes and now understand the two approaches in dealing with this condition. Being in the UK going totally raw will be a struggle for me but will be ok on low fruit, low fat, high veg, high grains, high fibre approach.
    I will use organic stock cubes etc to give food flavour.
    Every body is different and when summer comes I can then be ready to do more raw diet approach.
    A well known diet club in the UK has great results with people with diabetes. After reading the above low fat is key in their weightloss approach.
    Thanks again

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